Friday's game only on TSN1 and TSN5

I originally posted this in the 1150 TSN Hamilton thread, but just found this one, so....

Well, I was grateful it (TSN 1150) is there, since the clowns at TSN chose to put the game on TSN 1 and 5 or whatever. TSN4 was the Canada FIBA game, and last week, although the TV listings showed CFL Bombers game, they had the women's tennis on.
I already pay a premium for TSN4, so not pleased that they show the CFL on their even-more premium channels. This has not happened in past years, hopefully it isn't a sign of things to come.

I just sent an email to TSN warning them that I will cancel my TSN4 subscription next year if they do not show all the CFL games on TSN4. I encourage others to do the same.

Should send them a link to this thread.

Two games on tonight - neither is being shown on TSN4. This now makes four CFL games in a row not shown on TSN4 - the late game on Labour Day, the Friday night Cats/Argos game, and tonight's two games.

I have all 5 TSN stations. My annoyance is that if I want to record a game, I need to record all 5 since they'll move stuff around even last minute. If it wasn't for this thread, I'd have recorded the wrong channel this week. Would have really pi$$ed me off. Sportsnet has also done this in the past with Bluejays games. So I always check just prior to the games and adjust accordingly even if I'm not home. TIVO makes this easy as long as I have an Internet connection.
I just don't understand how they pick what is shown on each channel and why it has to change. In fact, sometimes the Cogeco guide is wrong (not updated with last minute changes).
We all need to complain to TSN.

Doesn’t look like the Ottawa game will be on ANY TSN channels this afternoon! :thdn:

I don’t know where you’re looking, but TSN, Live Sports, Stream Live Sports NHL, CFL, NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, F1, Golf, Tennis, ATP, WTA shows the game is on at 4:00pm on TSN1,3,and 5…

I was looking at the Cogeco listings for my area, no CFL at all today, according to them. I'll check later in the day, but this is starting to really annoy me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let TSN know that this is unacceptable. (

they are harming overall viewership numbers and the CFL brand (including their own brand) especially in the sought after Southern Ontario market (TSN4)

how many people do you know who prefer the NFL because the CFL is "bushleague" ? It's TSN who makes it bushleague with their bushleague presentation. I'm not a CBC fan, but they at least know how to do a professional program and it's available to everybody.

Sent them a Message

Here the Auto Reply

Hello and thanks for contacting the TSN Audience Relations team!

We are generally staffed seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. If this is an instance we don’t have somebody sitting in the office, we’re always watching and listening at @TSN_Sports.

We read and listen to all your feedback – the good, the bad, and even the ugly. We get too many emails to answer every message personally, but we can promise you that all your messages are read and forwarded to the appropriate department. So if you have a cool idea for a SPORTSCENTRE Top 10, or you’d like to see more or less of something (more Rod Smith, right? Yeah, we know!), we’ll make sure it gets to the right people.

If you have a question about TSN programming:

We really do appreciate your feedback. Please keep it coming – it’s important we know how you feel.

Oh, and (here comes the shameless plug…) don’t forget to check out TSN BarDown at for awesome sports content that goes beyond hard news and stats.

The TSN Audience Relations team

I'll accept the FIBA America's tournament being on TSN4 during the CFL. TSN owns a lot of the NBA broadcast rights, and I believe most of the Raptor's rights. Growing basketball, and given that they were Olympic qualifier games of high importance. I'll cut them slack on that one, as it's in their interests to grow basketball to combat the Rogers hockey rights.

It's the US Open tennis that I can't stand. Meaningless games are trumping the CFL, and that includes the US Open Men's final. That's right, I said it. Who the heck cares about Djokavic vs Federer part 28 or however many times they've met in finals. Men's tennis to me has become a broken record.

So Shaw is doing the right thing for WPG CFL fans
Now if only TSN would follow suit

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 19m19 minutes ago
b Note to #Bombers fans: Because of Jets, tonight's football game will be on TSN1/4/5 – not on TSN3.[/b]

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 18m18 minutes ago
b As a result, Shaw is offering a free preview of all TSN channels since some subscribe only to TSN3. #Bombers[/b]

nice work Shaw!

why o why did you let Robers buy you here in the Hammer

Not sure 100% about the Hamilton area but in our area it was a swap of assets with Shaw which is more western based, taking over Rogers western assets and Rogers taking over Shaw’s eastern assets. I think that applied to all of Ontario but I could be wrong. How do I know? My spouse worked for Shaw which became Rogers at that time. As I recall the switch took place about 14 or 15 years ago. Now if Hamilton was Cogeco at the time, then maybe they were bought out by Rogers.

BTW Webers is open during the week too right now much to my surprise. Noticed when we headed to Muskoka for a family dinner late afternoon earlier this week. Thought they were only open weekends after Labour Day.

Hello sir,

I’m not sure what happened I just know I miss shaw :frowning:

It’s been downhill ever since. had rogers, cancelled with them. Have bell, cancelling with them.

looks like rabbit ears in my future

Shaw Direct… works for me