Friday's game only on TSN1 and TSN5

I just noticed that after promoting Friday's game as being on TSN1 and TSN4, it's now been changed to TSN1 and TSN5, with the Canada/Venezuela basketball game on TSN4. :thdn:
It doesn't matter to me because I get all 5 TSNs, but I know a lot of people around here only get TSN4 as their main TSN channel, plus TSN2.

Would be nice if the Ticats (and Argos for that matter) could pressure TSN into switching the game back to TSN4. Doesn't make sense for a game between the 2 Southern Ontario teams to not be easily available in Southern Ontario. It's like the old blackout days.

Of course, the way TSN has been messing around with their schedule this week, this could all change 3 more times before gametime.

*edit: They just showed a promo for the game saying it's on TSN1 & TSN3. But the listings still say 1 & 5. Who knows....?

Looks like NASCAR Race maybe postponed due to rain tomorrow. So,whole game will probably be on TSN3 as well instead of last 1/2 hour of football game. Looks like Jays-Yankees game maybe postponed tomorrow as well as tonight's game. :thup:

Why would it be on TSN 1 and 3? It's two Ontario teams, it should be on the Ontario TSN station, TSN 4.

As far as I am concerned each game should only be on 1 TSN channel. I thought the idea behind having 5 channels is so they could show 5 different things at the same time. Showing the same thing on 3 or 4 channels is just ludicrous.

Yup - right now on the TSN website it has the game only on TSN1 and TSN5 - not TSN4 - which is STUPID considering some people here only get TSN4 and it is the regional TSN channel for Southern Ontario. :roll:

Oskie the TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5 are largely the same as Sportsnet and their Pacific, West, Ontario and East channels. Basically regional channels - especially during the hockey season with TSN's regional only NHL rights. Senators regional games are on TSN5 (with TSN5 blacked out here during the Sens broadcast), Leafs regional games on TSN4 (blacked out anywhere other than Southern Ontario, Jets regional games on TSN3 - which is blacked out outside of Manitoba and Saskathewan during Jets games.

That would be fine if everyone got all 5 channels, but a lot of people only get the one for their own region. Here, that’s TSN4. So that’s the one channel it should ABSOLUTELY be on. The basketball game can be shown on any of their channels.

You can always watch on the net. Quality seems to be a lot better now.

Sorry, I didn’t realize they were regional channels. I have all 5 and never thought any sports fan would not. Just my ignorance kicking in.

I guess people should switch to Bell. Even with the basic package, you get TSN 1,3,4, and 5, but not TSN2 unless you have higher package.

Since I only get TSN 4 and 2 and am not very computer literate, how can I stream the game? I’ve tried TSN live streaming unsuccessfully. What other options are there?


Your local watering hole, friends, Best Buy (until it closes). :wink:

[b] In our home we have Rogers basic cable with the TSN4 pkg. The TSN pkg is only of interest to myself, and for the past few years the only reason I maintain a subscription to it is because, while my interest in hockey has waned, I have always and still thoroughly enjoy watching any CFL game or NASCAR race and TSN has always offered comprehensive coverage for my money. Since the business change at TSN, with the creation of TSN1 + TSN5 etc, many CFL games and NASCAR races have been moved off the original TSN to other pkgs, all in the name of the watering down the presentation of elite events for increased profits.

This reduction of entertainment for my money doesn't bode well with me. Might be time for me to stop getting stiffed by Rogers, TSN, the CFL and NASCAR by cancelling the Sports Network Package. The unavailability of the Western CFL game at 4:30 labour day was unacceptable to me and now with word tonight's game is not on original TSN, well, this could be the straw that broke the camels back. [/b]

Game has now officially been changed to TSN1 & TSN3 (Nascar was moved to TSN5).

this is absurd and beyond infuriating as I can no longer watch the game being a subscriber to TSN4 Southern Ontario.

the only reason we subscribed to TSN is for CFL games which are now being bumped on this channel for golf and basketball.

could someone be so kind as to PM a current operating link/site to catch the game?
a couple sites passed around last year do not seem to be working any longer.

thanks guys!

Thanks for the heads-up on the coverage change. I like to record all the games, and had set it yesterday to record on our regional channel, TSN5. Without seeing this, I would have ended up recording four hours of NASCAR. Yahoo! ( I like F1 and Indy road tracks, but I've never been a fan of stock cars.) I now have it set to record TSN1 - assuming my PVR ever powers on....

So, thanks again.

Crap: I only get TSN 4!

TSN and Bell Media are now officially on my 'You are totally incompent!' list!

I knew I would not be home tonight until after 9:00PM so I set my PVR to record TSN5 - one of the channels on TSN's OWN WEBSITE! that indicated they would have the game on - since it was not on the main TSNN channel in these parts TSN4.

What do | come home to? 90 minutes of Nascar - which I guess somebody at TSN today decided they were going to show on TSN5 instead of TSN3.

Well guess what TSN - Go F*** yourself! Somebody get the CFL on another network that know what they are doing please!

And take the 1150 station with you as well TSN!!!

it was not on 5 either I ended up having get in online Thru Kodi.

TSN Has Drop Ball on Radio Broadcast as well

How many times have they gone to break and still been in when play has restarted

Now today they Fumble the ball :thdn:

Makes me Miss 900 and CBC Broadcasts of the CFL