Fridays Depth Chart

So Kwame Cavil comes into the line up and STARTS at slot (or is 5th receiver).

Brock Ralph moves over to backup DJ Flick at Shortside WR.

Iain Fleming is on the 46 man roster (Not sure if he's on the 42 game roster.)

Ranek and Maas both appear to be starting.

Collier is starting over Cotton (must be the cast).

I think thats it for changes, could have missed something.

Sam Young starting at CB beside Cody.

Flemming is active (according to CHML). Inactives are Auggie, Cotton, Boreham, and Davis...

Iam not sure of Ranek over Davis. I sure hope he shows up along with our O line and the gang.

whats wrong with bradley he still isnt back.