Fridays blacked out??

So, I asked somewhere if this Fridays game will be blacked out, but for some reason I can not find the thread for the life of me. Is this weekends game blacked out?

according to this morns spec the team is pushing for it to be blacked out as bc is usually a small draw crowd wise to begin with and i thought they were gonna black out a few this year too.

Well If it's black out, then I for one won't go to the game...

You want to be ignored then you will

Does that mean you will go if it is not blacked out?

8) So you mean that if the game is not blacked out, you would then go to it ???
 Were you planning on going Friday night, until you now heard of a possible blackout  ???

 Don't understand your reasoning if you had planned to attend anyway  !!!         <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Still don't get blackouts. It just ticks people off more.

Since the Cats are playing well so far, you want everyone to see your product because with back to back home games, you could draw some extra people.

8) I agree !!!

oh grow up

i don't get it...
if your a cats fan why wouldn't you go?

Unfortunately a lot of Ticat fans don't attend many games.

A lot of people stay home and watch the games on TV. Some because of health reasons, some because of money reasons, and some because they have been burned by this team in the past.

I say, if you are a fan, who can afford to go to the games, GO TO THE GAMES! Watching on TV won't keep the Ticats in Hamilton. Going to the games and showing your support will.

My issue is that if we can sell Labour Day out, why can't we sell out the other 8 regular season games?

Blackouts are so early 90s and NFL. You want to grow the game and get more people interested but you are not allowing locals to see the game as those are the most important people to keep the CFL going.

A very poor decision by the Ticats.

Actually, I believe every game this regular season has had an attendance or 22k or more. That's pretty good since I think Ivor Wynne only seats 27k.

Those #s are deceptive though.

Lets say there are 15,000 season ticket holders.

Each season ticket holder received 1 free ticket for each seat they have for one of the first 3 home games.

Therefore, without walk up, single game seats and flex packs that's 20,0000.

Now, for the last game, the Ticats offered tickets in Sec 6 and 8 to season ticket holders for $4.50. Both of these sections were pretty full.

So when you see the attendance figures so far, they are a little bit skewed.

Hey, do you expect people to dump their wallets into a team thats been much less then sucessful this past decade? Obviously not. They have to start with free tickets, etc. to get people coming back and showing them the new Ticats. Win and the money will come, it's a very simple concept.

The funny thing is, the Cats were supposed to have gotten rid of all of the freebies last year. That's why attendance went from 25K to less than 20K.

I am all about getting people to the games but the bottom line is that the team has to make money and they can't fool themselves into thinking that if they took away the free stuff the attendance would stay where it is.

I think the Cats offer a wide variety of pricing that can suit every budget. Look down the road at the Rogers Centre. The cheapest seat is $30!

For all the people who are against a Ticats home game being blacked out, I was just wondering what your reasons for not attending the game would be.

I realize we all have lives to live and life gets in the way sometimes, especially in the summer, but are your reasons legitimate or just that you would rather sit at home and watch it for free? I know some people have lost jobs, are under-employed, live on fixed incomes, are disabled, have small children, etc. etc.

But I was really just wondering what some of the reasons were. Be honest with me. And be honest with yourself.

Personally, I love going to Ticat games live rather than watch them on TV and I try my best to make the trip to Hamilton for the games. Just like I am planning to this Friday, black out or not.

Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

Most people just watch the games on tv because they dont feel like going out and paying for a ticket. There are only a very few people who have a legit reason why they dont go.

Watching a game on tv is nothing like sitting in the stands withe thousands of other screaming fans cheering on your ticats. Ill be there friday and i hope the place is packed.

All you couch potatoes get off your fat butts and buy a ticket AND FEED THE CATS :thup: I am laid off and still make it to the games, hey I let go my Box seats I had for years and scaled down to end zones! I watch and listen with 900 chml with headphones and binoculars in hand .So far these Cats are putting a smile on my face and making me happy and proud :smiley:

70% chance of rain Friday and a possible blackout THE SKY IS FALLING :roll:

Another thing to factor into this, is that this is a long weekend. Add the fact that a lot of people will be leaving the city to that of BC being a hard sell here and a Friday night game, good as game as any to black-out I guess. Others have already offered up the obviouse solution.

But then when is a good time for a football game?

We tried Thursdays last year, didn't really work?

Saturday afternoon, mid afternoon or nite, people are away or have other things to do.

Sundays, people want to relax or are just getting back from the cottage or whatever.

Friday nites are good because you can still go away after the game and you won't get stuck in traffic as opposed to leaving in the afternoon/evening.

Fridays still leave you time to enjoy your weekend.

You can't please everyone. You know the schedule, if it bothers you that much, then don't buy tickets to those games.

This is complete and utter BS. If the game is going to be blacked out on friday I'm going to be really pissed. Ive gone to every game this year. For July first I even orginised a BBQ and brought out over a dozen people that would have never gone to a CFL game. Last monday I went in to St.Joe's for back surgery. I'm getting the staples removed tomorrow but the surgeon told my that I am not under any circumstances to be sitting for that length of time. This restriction is on for at least the next two weeks. Now how am I supposed watch the game? Black outs dont work, plain and simple. They are a short term tool that hurts the team and the league in the long run. If I can make it to the game, I make it to the game. If I cant then I cant.

Yes I do realise that my reasons might be selfish but hey someone asked why some people are not going. Even if I was going to the game I still would not be agreeing with blackouts.

Blackouts = Greed, plain and simple
You want more asses in seats? Provide a better friggin product. Stop jacking the concession prices every damn year. Come up with a team that can make it to the playoffs. How about that for a marketing strategy?

ok... i feel a bit better... sulks away