Friday yet?

should be a real close game but I think we will win this one

anyone else got the same feeling?

Agreed,should be a close game......but,but,but,the Cats win it only if they're up by at least 11 or more with less than a minute to play,that way the worst case scenario is that the Lions come back score a TD with a 2 pt convert,then a successful short kick
then a game tying field goal with no time left on the clock.This season so far,it seems like the team is playing NOT to lose instead of actually playing to win.It says here that this week they totally screw things up and actually win one of these close games for a change instead of totally blowing it and gift wrapping yet another win for whoever they are playing.This team so far this season must lead the league in the category of snatching "Defeat" from the jaws of "Victory". Hopefully they reverse this frustrating and hair pulling trend this Friday on the West coast.It says here that the final score will be a typical Cat game so far this season.....the Cats will be leading by 11... 32-21 with a minute on the clock,the Lions will drive down field and score a late TD and 2 pt convert to close within 3. The Lions will then recover an onside kick with seconds to go in the game,but will miss a long field goal attempt that will go for a single point and the Cats will escape with a 2 pt victory 32-30 after almost once again blowing a late game lead and will finally win a close game instead of losing one for a change this season :roll: My prediction is that we sit at 2 and 4 after this game and finally get rolling in the right direction,much like we did last season at the same time. :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:...............Hopefully !!!!!! because I don't know if I can take another late lead loss
once old ticker might just finally give out and expire and I don't have much hair left on my bald head to pull out anymore of come on Cats let's DO IT UP RIGHT for a change and lick those Lions on Friday Night,pleeeeze!! :smiley:

Let's hope for a Win, Agree with Bobo, but, but, but if the Cats can get up on the score, like the old saying score often, score fast, run like hell and make the catches but most of all play a great DEFENSIVE GAME and stop the Lions!!

It's The Clash of the Cats in BC Friday Night!


and if the dog doesnt stop to s@#$% in the woods he might catch a rabbit