Friday versus BC

If BC is as beat up as is reported, it is good that we are playing them now...before they get healthy.

Shall be a scary game for BC's DB's IF MD starts on Friday.

Who is beat up for BC? They only have 2 guys on the injured list at the moment. Buck is dinged up, but that isn't news....
Anyway, If Matt is 100%, get him in there. But if there is any doubt, wait. Add in the possible need to play Belton in Smith's spot, we may need the import slot somewhere else this week.

Why do the perenial powerhouse teams always have to be beat up for use to have a better chance at winning.....people need to start to realize that for the first time in my life (im 27) the Riders may very well be the team to beat in the league....

I know its alot to ask of fans that have indured alot of loses but just try...haha

One of their Oline guys is out, Haji-Rasouli

one would assume that the bc OLine and DLine want a better showing than last week. watch out there… Crandel, this secondary is better, please don’t go rushing things, remember there are fans in the 3rd row to throw to :slight_smile:… Cates you out preform smith and show him your a more versitile back! Can’t wait =)

Watch out. The Lions are pssd! They have quietly spent the off season waiting for the Riders to come back to BC Place. Jackson will start, according to the reports today. Pierce is terrific coming off the bench. If the Riders think they can come back into BC Place and simply play a regular season game, they will be mistaken. Despite what happened last week, this Lions team is ready and it could get ugly for the Riders early. I'll be there cheering on the Riders but confidence is not high. I hope to heck they pull it off. BC would be 0-2 if they did and when is the last time that happened? Anyway, we'll see another 10,000 Rider fans in the dome Friday night. Go Riders!

would love to be there but cant get time off work... sucks having to take a ferry to see a game :frowning: although never any blackouts is nice too.

I was contemplating that myself... BC will be hungry for this. If the Riders pull it out, my god. 0-2 lions 2-0 Riders... wow, that'd be great!

If we look at the Riders history at BC Place, they win there more than they lose. BC is snake bit against the Riders, at home, EXCEPT during playoffs.

I think I heard that Murphy's wife is having complications with triplets and that he might also be out for this game, at least for practice during the week though.

As much as I really don't like the guy I hope everything goes well with his family.

CTV Regina announced tonight that Rob Murphy will NOT be playing this Friday. His wife had triplets over the last few days, and he'll miss Friday's game!

I predict whoever has the strongest 1st 10 mins will win! past games have shown that whoever dominates between these 2 teams is the one who wants it the most! A down and dirty street fight! It's not always the better team here it's who has the heart and desire to win! If either team were dumb enough to underestimate the other that would be a mistake! Hope it's a close game with the Lions comming out on top! !GO LIONS

Wayne Smith is not playing... in fact he just walked by my office door 10 minutes ago....

No Murphy, No Rasouli.

No Szarka. No Smith. 2 very good Canadians. Hard to feel sorry for Lions.

Should be 2 good games Friday night. Lions will be hard to beat at BC Place.

IF and i mean IF there Rider’s win i think we got a very fair shot as taking 1st place in the west if not over all. Im excited!