Friday Tailgating???

Is anyone tailgating at Scott park on Friday afternoon before the game? 5 or 6 of us were going to go and BBQ some burgers before the game.

Mmmmmmmmm Burgers!

and after we can feast on horse meat.

I think some people will be there... :smiley:

I will come, what can I bring?

The Weather Network is calling for a perfect tailgating afternoon and a great football weather evening!

When you come into Lot J just ask the gate staff where the tailgaters are. They'll point you over the corner of Lot J beside the Scott Park School. Grab yourself a parking spot and set up shop.

Please remember to use non tranparent plastic cups and leave the place as clean as you found it or cleaner!

See you Friday.

We are going to miss our first game in 3 years...have fun guys! I gave my tickets to some people here at they will be put to good use!

We will be cheering from a distance!

Too bad Woody, it's my turn to cook!

Not sure what we'll be eating but whatever it is we'll have a some for you!

Give Sandy a big ole' hug for us!


So if I bring a steak, you will fry it up for me?

Actually Fletch:

This one we've got it pre cooked for my crew, no BBQ'a this week. Doing a low maintanence feed, because it's a Friday game. It's better to have pre-made meals for Friday as it's hard to get down there early enough to set up cook, eat, clean up. tear down, and get into the game on time.

Fletch, if my BBQ is there you can always fire up your steak on it. The one time it's not good to do is when we are cooking cedar plank salmon on it...fishy smelling steaks aren't that good to Other wise there's usually space on the grill, just let me know in advance.


So what should I bring? Jam sandwiches and a drinking box? :lol:

I’ll be watching the game here in Calgary, but I had a great time when the Cats were here a couple weeks ago…even if they did lose. :cry:

Fletch sorry about the BBQ situation this week but you can always get one of those single use BBQ's at Loblaw's for Fortino's and fire up your steak that way.

Or ask any of the many BBq'ers for grill space that will be cooking on Friday.

That's the great thing about tailgating outside IWS, there's always room to set up shop and make yourself a feast.


I am just gonna bring a PIZZA!!! :smiley:

Just a pointless question, how do you get peetza, out of pizza, that baffles me.

Hey Fletch we are cooking steaks as well on the Hibbis. You are more than welcome to slap one on. If you want baked potato with that nuke it first at home and then it will be a quick reheat. We will hopefully be there 5 at the latest. As soon as my wife releases me. :lol:

Remember the only Hibbis so don't be bringing no 14oz 5inch thick steak. Unless you are bringing one for everybody :wink:

See everyone in a few hours

Thanks BoxEHBoy, you know I'd help if I was bringing my burner!


I'll stop by and say hi on my way to the Stadium, Jare. :smiley:

There goes the neibourhood... :twisted:

Look forward to seeing everyone, I'm jumping on the 2:00 pm GO and should be at the stadium by 3:30.

See ya there!


ummm bite me