Friday, September 19th. Shaw welcomes TSN2!

well, it looks like we (who have Shaw Cable) will get to watch TSN2 afterall!

the Company has made a deal with TSN to be able to show TSN2 on digital and Analog

ch 226 for Digital

Ch 147 for analog (I believe so)

With no extra charge, that's great. More live sports on TV.

They're both Digital, but 226 is HD.

No availability in analog (like TSN), you have to have the digital box.

[url=] ... italTV.htm[/url]

Yours for only $98

Digital TV $57.95/month
Basic cable $32.95/month

Wow, Shaws welcomes TSN2.
Unfortunately in southern Ontario I have never heard of Shaws.
But the bottom line here is for CFL fans to watch the CFL these days, they have to shell out.
If I want TSNHD plus TSN2 if Rogers ever gets it, its going to cost me well over a hundred bucks a month!
Meanwhile the NFL, blue jays, raptors and fc are all available for free?
Am I the only one who sees a problem here?
And my predictions for ratings for the game on TSN2 on Sunday? Probably no more then 50,000.
CFL keeps shooting itself in the foot.

I’ve been told that people really only appreciate and truly value things when there is a price tag on them. So I’ve been told.

Don't you have RDS?

yeah see we already have Shaw Digital/HD. and there's no additional charges for this 1 channel coming on! :slight_smile:

Free on Bell as well. They could show ALL CFL games on TSN2 for all I care.

well Star Choice just added TSN 2!

so now it’s just Rogers…

Actually, now it's just Telus TV. Rick is 2 for 3 today.

Glad it's "free", but still over 80% of Shaw customers (most of Western Canada) will not get TSN2 since they don't subscribe to Shaws digital service or have a digital box. I think RDS is only digital also.

only a matter of time before you have to be digital...

Not sure if that's just Edmonton or if they're also showing it on Shaw Calgary. Eskimos head office seems to have a little bit of pull.

Just reading that CBC and The Score don't think TSN / BellGlobemedia is playing by the rules on this.

Rivals want TSN2 kicked out of the game

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Am I the only one who finds it kind of comical that Rogers, which wants the NFL, is doing nothing to get TSN2 in time for a CFL game? I bet if the Ryder Cup was bumping an NFL game to TSN2 they would get it. :slight_smile:

Sigh I am a starving student and broke as hell, no way I can afford that, or the time I would waste with that much TV at my disposal. Such BS this kicking the CFL game back to TSN2

Not with what they are currently charging for Digital Service, if they cut analog they will lose allot of business.

you either go digital or Satellite, or you don’t have anything.