Friday Night

I fully expect the Lions to bring their A-game to Regina....lookin' forward to a good wishes only!

I hope they can bring their A-game too. They haven't done that yet.Best wishes too... but for who?

Lions always seem to struggle in Regina.

What time is the game on TV? I believe the game start time is 4pm PST however TSN is listing it's TV time as 7pm PST.

Are they "faking" their way to a double-header? (two east coast games, one on tape delay?)

TSN's time listing is for 8:00 pm Regina time (7 pm Pacific), which is accurate. Game one between the Esks and Bombers starts three hours earlier.

Thanks jm. Lions always seem to "stub" their toe in Regina. Must be that wind psychology or something.

Good Luck!

Luck, we didn't need, Sporty....grip, we did....that and a decent read. BC defense has sent a message loud and clear to the league to be sure - they're out to play.....

After watching the Edmonton game, I couldn't beleive Dave Ritchie's defensive scheme. He would drop 7 or 8 players back into coverage and only rush 4 or 5 players. But it works. Looks like they used the same coverage in Regina.

Defense wins you the games I guess. Its easy to win when your offense has a short field.