Friday night- time for an exorcism!

With Edmonton getting pasted by Winnipeg last week and now 0-4 on the season will Edmonton bounce back against a team [the Lions] that seems to be on a mission- to come up with new and creative ways to lose games that are in the bag?

The Lions are almost in top spot for fewest total points scored. But then again they're almost in top spot for fewest points scored against. Whoop-dee-doo. So much for stats. Like someone said, it doesn't mean squat if you've passed for 600 yards and rushed for 300- it's who has the higher score that matters.

No doubt the Eskimos coach is reminding his players that the past is the past. Tomorrow is a new day- a new game, a fresh start- blah blah blah. But the players know......they know deep down inside they've lost 4 in a row and have yet to win their first regular season game in 2010. They are wondering, "What must we do to win?". They saw what happened to Hamilton a couple of years ago and to Toronto last year and are probably thinking.....hmmmmm.........nah, perish the thought, it can't happen to us. We're the Eskies!! Boooowwwwahhhhhh.......

In the other locker room [the Lions' den] the coach is likely reminding his players: Catch the ball, don't drop it, don't fumble on the one yard line, don't kick 17 yard punts and stop listening to Chappie, he's only the QB coach........... go with your gut instincts.

Both teams will be trying to exorcise their personal demons come Friday evening......or is that "personnel" demons? :wink:

Good title and post there beaglehound. :thup: Next week doesn't get any better either with the Stamps visiting Empire Fields and the Argos paying a visit to Commonwealth.

Not sure about an exorcism; on the other hand, some angelic intervention would be welcome. Truth is, there's no quick fix to the Lion's dilemna; they need to remain calm, focused, and decisive. They also need to trust - trust their instincts yes, but also trust what they're being told by their coaches, otherwise they cease to be a team. We as fans also need to show some faith. I know this sounds kinda cheezy, but it would be cool if a chant at Empire resounded "We believe in you!", or something - something that gets their adreneline pumped when they need it.

Thanks backer@oldclarke. :slight_smile: Yes, with the Stamps visiting "Empire Fields" next week, a loss against Edmonton on Friday and I'll be submitting a recommendation that the name Empire Field be changed to "Flanders Field"!