Friday night massacre

well probably not..

by the numbers

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 377.7 (leapfrogged the Arhols)
4. Edmonton Eskimos 360.9

passing pg
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 300.6
6. Edmonton Eskimos 257.6

rushing pg
3. Edmonton Eskimos 103.3
7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 77.1 (grrrr. fix this Mr Coach!)


  1. Edmonton Eskimos 294.9
  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 337.3

passing pg

  1. Edmonton Eskimos 216.4
  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 264.1

rushing pg

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 73.1
  2. Edmonton Eskimos 78.4

the homer in me thinks we win by 30 but its likely we lose a close one.

their numbers are just as close if not better than ours and its in their back yard.

No way we lose this one, they know the importance of winning on the road if they want to be contenders. I just don't see themselves letting a let down happen. They are too hungry.

It could just be that they were at home, but it seems to me that the last three games were of a much higher caliber than the first four away games.

If they can bring the same game to Edmonton the Eskies are going to be in for a rough night.

Good teams find a way to win no matter what adversity they endure. Friday's game will be another opportunity for the Cats to show how far they have progressed. It won't be easy, (nothing worthwhile usually is) but if they are successful in igloo town, they will have taken another mighty giant step on the pathway to excellence.


The key to this game is protecting Zach. The Cats have a huge advantage at QB if they can keep him upright.

+1 on this

They haven't met an offence like ours yet. And even if they somehow stop our offence, there is no way they stop our defence and special teams...

As I said in the CFL forum,

I'll invite a rattlesnake to my next picnic at Rotary Park in Saskatoon if the Cats pull this one off......

Yes I know YEG will be starting their 3rd string QB....... Good Luck Cats vs. YEG's prodigious Defense....

If the Lions can pull out a win vs the Esks then I see know reason we can't. Yes its on the road and yes their D is very good but I just feel we will win this one.

They sure are playin well..

With so many home games in a row Is it possible a team can forget how to play in a hostile environment?

Definitely one of the most important keys Stubber. I hope someone on our team takes Odell's knees out for even looking in Zacks direction ..

True. I didnt look for the take away and defensive td stat but id have to assume we have the more opportunistic defense, if i can say that.

Per TSN this week - The Ticats have a total of 11 D/ST TDs through 7 games played. The rest of the CFL has a combined 10.

Not necessarily. If they get into a rhythm at home, and stay in sync with each other on the road, it shouldn't matter where they play. Sure things can get loud when we have the ball, but that's only one piece of the puzzle, especially if Edmonton doesn't have a sell out crowd. It may be a challenge, but I'm really confident in this team's ability right now.

Watching them at home that last 3 games has been a real treat. Especially racking up points in the first half like they did.

There is no doubt in my mind the Cats are the best team in the league at home but on the road it's a different matter. Here's hoping the Cats can keep the intensity in Edmonton and if they have them where they want, don't step off the gas pedal. It's going to be a very tough game but we can definitely beat the Eskies.

Agree with you - I think that the last three games at home have been big confidence boosters and have helped this team to turn a corner in their development This game will be the true test.

You're right - this game on the road in Edmonton against a good team in a stadium where they haven't had much success will be a great indicator of the team's progress. Seems to me that they didn't lose by too much last season, even after Zach went down and Masoli took over. While the EE defense is reportedly better this season, so are the Ticats. I expect a low-scoring, tough defensive game.

Well in week 1 they did meet up with an Argo offense which has been pretty good but that apparently didn't turn out so well for the EE :smiley: although I didn't see the game.

Commonwealth is a big stadium but it is never full as a result although their attendance is generally good. Guess we'll see how big a crowd they get with the Ticats in town as opposed to a western team like the Stamps. Not sure either if crowd noise will be as big a factor as it is in places like Winnipeg and Regina. They have had a couple of solid wins on the road albeit against less successful teams. I think they will have to start well as they have at home and as you mentioned, keep their foot on the gas until the end. Getting the EE offense off the field and keeping the EE defense ON the field should wear them down eventually. A tall order but it can be done.

If EDM uses Sherritt as a shadow/rover like they did against MON, he will be torched.
Unlike MON, the Cats will exploit.

Looks like there's a 80% chance for 10-15 mm of rain, 25 km/hr winds, and a high of 15C for Friday in edmonton. Hopefully its not too cold and damp for the our Cats when they're been used to 30+C temps for the past few weeks in Hamilton......