Friday Night Lights

who thinks we're gonna pound TO and have fun doing it? Arland has me all jacked up with the offensive homework he's been attending to according to BCTV. what about Rob Murphy, is anyone worried about him anymore?

The Lions will wipe up the artificial turf with Argos jerseys come this Friday if they play with the same intensity they played with in Edmonton and exploit the Argo’s D. The Argo’s D has given up a league worst 412 yards of offence per game. It will be interesting if the Argo’s D comes with a 3 man rush. Durant burned them several times late in the game last week and almost pulled off the upset. But for the Argo’s to be more agressive on the D Line they risk being exploited by the deep/big play which is where players like Bruce, Simon and Gore could have a field day among several others. This doesn’t mean the Argos should be taken lightly. They have beaten Calgary, narrowly lost against Winnipeg and lost against Edmonton by a single point when Edmonton was stronger and healthier. They do have Boyd, Bradwell, Copeland. Momentum is everything and penalties can kill a team’s momentum. Lemon is no slouch. The Lions are not a heavily penalized team which is good. Bruce had a brilliant game and of course he has swagger. He’d fit right in with the Bombers right about now! I’m glad we have him. If he plays like he did against Edmonton he can have all the swagger he wants. I’m not worried about Murphy. I’m hoping he’ll “lose” it as he’s been known to do and take some penalties. Foley scares me a little.

Lulay is getting better and better each game and is starting to read the D better but he still has a ways to go. If he panics bad things start to happen or he starts having tunnel vision and doesn’t see guys who are wide open. The Lions O Line cannot play like marshmallows. The Argo’s will try and exploit this by trying to bring Lulay down but it may cost them- big time. Let’s hope so. A win in Toronto will make an awesome final Empire Field game re-match. And then it is on to B.C. Place. If the Lions lose then it’s back to the drawing board. I think these 2 back to back games against Toronto are pivotal for both teams, not only in the standings but when it comes to any hopes of success in the playoffs.

Imagine if he didnt leave in the first place - I was always a big fan of his play on the left side. And frankly if you look at when our team's decline began it was after he left (no i'm not forgetting Wake and others); People always forget its the big boys that win football games not little receivers named Renako Reth.

I would rather lose than still have rob and jj in lions uniform.

Tyrone is right. You are the big mouth around here.

ahhh little one, you have so much to learn

She's NOT Going To Learn Anything From YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

i really enjoy the BC forums here on you guys are awesomely random, yet wisdom comes out in the end. its pretty rad.

Glad you're enjoying the forum Canadianhothead. Just don't forget.....the only pearls of "wisdom" that ever came out of Tyrone/Nina's mouth were his wisdom teeth!