Friday Night Football

Just something that made me think.

My cousin and her husband are rabid football fans. She a die-hard BC Lions fan while he is (obviously stupid and) an NFL only fan. They previously had two side by side televisions for watching multiple NFL games on Sundays; however today they have a conflict. Jokingly she said that they were considering getting a third television so she could watch the Lions along with his NFL.

I was wondering with the success CFL on Friday Nights why they even play any Saturday or Sunday games during the NHL (HNIC) and NFL seasons. We only have four games per week in the entire leage, can't the CFL find a way to avoid conflicts for the fans? ... And I'm not talking about a few years back when teams played Tuesday Wednesday Thursday... etc. Can they not just have all games on Friday? Or 3 Friday night overlapping and one on Saturday morning or something?

Who is doing the scheduling over there anyway?