Friday Night Football Vs. Monday Night Football

So have said they wanted to watch CFL football on Monday, and compete with the NFL's program, etc. I think that is a bad idea becase I prefer to watch CFL on Fridays becase I can sleep in the next day, and I think it's a better day to watch football.

what does the rest of the CFL world think?

Mondays would be VERY GOOD in the summer!

Much better for attendance because less people would be away/at their cottage.

...where' the 'both are fine to watch' button?....

I voted for Friday but my preference is Saturday night.

I vote "who cares, as long as it's televised".....

Who in the east wants to watch a 10PM game on a Monday night? No prob if its Friday.

Dang straight, ro. The ratings for a 10pm Monday night game out east would be atrocious.

Friday all the way.

...hahaha....'Fright' Night Football....

I vote for, i need cable... :frowning: or, for it to be a free download of the game :wink: :thup: ...

i have to go to the rents' to watch the game :frowning: -not complaining... i need my laundry done sometimes lol :roll:

this thread is talking about which is better, having a specail game(s) on Friday night (FNF) or moing the specail game(s) to Monday night and be within direct copetision with the NFL's MNF, there is no need for a both choice.

This has got to be one of my best threads ever.

I prefer Friday nights. I love the NFL too and like to watch as much football as possible and putting CFL games head to head with the NFL makes me choose between the two, which I hate.

Monday night is too much like the NFL,and i hate the NFL. THe Canadian game is unique in so many ways, and Friday Night football is one of them. However, i am dissappointed at TSN for changing their Friday Night Football song!!

I have begun to read your posts phonetically as they don't make sense otherwise :wink: Seriously though, I love your enthusiasm and love for the CFL. :thup:

And I think it's about settled. 22 for Friday, 0 for Monday.

I'm selling Kanga / English dictionaries for $12.95 each. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express! :wink:

Thanks, Sporty. I'm running low on TP as it is, since most of what comes out of KK's mouth is... well, you can draw your own conclusions as to where I'm going with this. :lol: