Friday night football times ridiculous

Seriously Week 3 Argos-Stamps game at 9 eastern time. I really wish the CFL would consider Friday night games at the same time week in and week out. (8 PM or even 8:30) You want to get more people interested in Ontario, how are you going to do that when the Game starts at 9 PM.

CFL needs to think about getting younger fans (kids) and parents are letting them stay up to watch the completion of the Game.

I understand complaints about my suggestion would come out WEST, but attendance and TV numbers are already strong in that part of the country. I feel more people in the East would watch if games started at 8.

One game a week should be at the same time week in and week out. plus BC plays two games at 7:30 in Ontario 4:30 their time.

my two cents,

Well that's 7:00 local. How much earlier do you want to start on a weekday and have any sort of crowd?

So start it at 5 local time so people in Toronto can watch, I know this may sound crazy,but people work in the west. People in the East have to stop making excuses and just support the CFL. It's fri , night let the kids stay up for the 1st half, they won't melt.

I personally think the starting of games at 1 pm on saturdays in Ontario is much worse then 7 in Calgary. 10 am in BC is not a good time for football in my opinion. They should be starting those games at 2 or so I think.

I live in Ontario, and even I don’t like the 1 pm starts on the weekends. Unless it’s playoff time, I’m not really thinking about football on Saturday afternoon. I’m busy doing other things. I prefer the games to be on in the evening.

As far as starting games earlier, maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Alberta currently 3 hours behind Ontario? If you start a game at 8 pm EST, then it’s going to be 5 pm in Edmonton and Calgary. People will just be getting off work and looking to get a little dinner before heading out. It just doesn’t work.

Alberta ( Mountain ) and Ontario ( Eastern ) are only 2 hours apart. BC ( Pacific ) is 3 hours. Sask likes to drift from Mountain to Central rather than the province being split down the middle.

Hmm. For some reason I thought they were 3 hours behind because of the recent clock changing. Anyway, even 6 pm seems a little early. The earliest a games starts during the week in the CFL, NFL, NBA, and NHL is 7 pm.

While seemingly insulting to Western Canada, there is some merit to having a consistent start time, at least one night a week.

Like Hockey Night in Canada, you always know the game starts at 4:00 pm, no matter where it's played. This helps to maximize your audience if they know when the games are on. You could probably do this on Saturday or Sunday, but on Thursday or Friday nights you can't start home games earlier than 7:00 pm local time.

Fact is that most of the teams revenue comes from ticket sales, not TSN contracts. A CFL teams priority is to put butts in the stands, not cater to Joe Blow at home who won't buy a ticket. Game start times are set to maximize those ticket sales, and 7PM is where it's at.

You start a game at 5 PM on a weekday in BC and BC Place will be a ghost town. Most people work until 5PM, and unless you are pretty lucky your boss isn't going to go for leaving early to catch the game. The traffic at 5PM in downtown Vancouver is horrific as well. For a 5PM start I would have to leave my place in North Vancouver at least an hour and half before kickoff to get there, park and get to my seats in time.

Short answer, early games in the West are not going to happen.

Why is it that the East is a priority anyway? What about Friday night start back east at 7PM. That's 4PM here. Nobody is home from work. People are lucky to catch the last hour of the game. It's just as dumb to say that the East should be starting at 10PM so the west fans can watch the game.

So the league should re-arrange everything to suit you? The only start times that are bad are the 1pm Eastern starts.. it sucked to watch the Rider/Argo game with a hangover...

Why don't we just make the whole country all one time zone? That'll fix it.

What about Friday night start back east at 7PM. That's 4PM here. Nobody is home from work. People are lucky to catch the last hour of the game. It's just as dumb to say that the East should be starting at 10PM so the west fans can watch the game.

If West Coast games can start at 9:00 Eastern on Monday Night Football, you can suck it up on Fridays.

Kids are the future of the league. There is a lot of competion for sports dollars in Ontario. The CFL needs to address these issues and in my opinion a standard game time for the Game of the week would help improve that.

And how exciting would a game be with an empty stadium?? All for the sake of Easterners watching on T.V. at there preferred time.

Well, this guy's not totally out to lunch, although his beef should not be with the starting time of the lone Friday night game. The bigger problem lies with the scheduling of this week's games.

More specifically, there is only one Friday night game, and that is in the West. That's the problem. There should always be an Eastern home team on Friday Night Football. If there is also a West game, then you have a doubleheader. That way you can start the first game at 7:00 if a doubleheader, and 7:30 or 8:00 if only one game.

There's no reason to have only one West-based Friday night game, given that this is your flagship night, and the back end of the doubleheader Saturday is in Hamilton, where there are no stadium conflicts, and creates a situation where the first game is the dreaded 1:00 start in Regina. The Tabbies game should have been game 1 Friday night, and the Rider game could have gone at 4:00 or 5:00 MT on Saturday, again prime time in the east.

As someone who works a regular Monday to Friday shift and owner of Eskimos season tickets, a earlier start time on Friday would greatly effect me. I don't get home until 6 pm every night and I find myself rushing just to get to Commonwealth by 7 for opening kickoff on game nights and this coming from someone who lives all but 5 minutes from the stadium. Imagine those who don't live so close?

This issue can be simply fixed...

Get a PVR, record the game and watch it the next day commercial free. :rockin:

That or have the CFL schedule doubleheaders on Saturdays and Sundays for the entire season. :roll:

Ugo, less than 5% of the Riders revenue come from the TV contract. So while I am sure that some tweaking of the sched can happen to accomodate the TV audience and in fact TSN has done this with thursday night games and last years playoff changes, the key is still the number of people that come out to the game.

As for TO being the centre of the universe, it may be now, but that is changing!

Most Fridays are double headers so a early game and a later game. People out west miss the first half of the first game and people out east miss the second half of the second game. They should make every Friday a double header with a standardized time tho. Well at least till the Maritimes get a team and then its a whole new mess again. I say we trade all but the 2 westernest provinces for the westernest states and Mexico so we are aligned as a country from North to South just like Chile and have just 2 time zones.Portland would now be Regina, Toronto would be LA of course etc.