Friday Night Football Thread, Vol.1

its not a penalty if it hits the ground first.

Alwets are not looking too good out the gate. They've scored 2 points in 3 quarters of play. Argos look terrible too so there is no excuse for this team to not win the east this year.

I had no problem watching it. It's gonna be a great alternative when the local games are blacked out like lasts night game was for me. I just wish I knew about this TSN webcast last night.

But for this game the picture is much better on my TV. So that is where I am watching it.

The Game can't be Watch online till it over.
Then They Release it for Broadband..
That was my Impression anyways..

Roughriders are starting to break out..

Beautiful escape act by Joseph and lovely pass for touchdown.

And finally we a see a touchdown. Joseph was getting a few consecutive completions there, and after eluding a Montreal defender who appeared to have him, he needed to get the ball away. And that led to 35 yard TD pass to Childs.

16-3 Saskatachewan -- big play by Joseph to get off the bomb on the scramble!

Oski Wee Wee,

How long do you think Pop will last as head Coach of Montreal.
Before the owner pulls his Plug as Coach..

Danny Mac is a Great Sideline Reporter..
I even like the Job he did in Edmonton as a Colour man

Too early to tell, frankly.

Popp might be smart enough to pull the plug on himself if things get really ugly. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

i put it on for a few minutes to try it out after reading this post.
it's working fine.

edit: okay, now I can't seem to get the broadband player to close, but beyond that it's working fine.

Calvillo isn't working fine...bad pick!

Okay So it on broadband also .
Frankly the Quality of video is poor
It would be fine in a pinch if I need a Football Fix.
I love my HD and Would Rather watch it in HD.
Frankly Normal TV would better then video from the Broadband Feed..

It okay but I can take the feed and send it to my TV.
it looks Real Awfull on large TV's

Calvillo does not appear to be doing as well as usual. He is 16/24, but has only 153 passing yards and has two picks. He hasn't thrown it deep many times, and the rain during some parts of the game may have been a reason for that. Well, he did go fairly deep on that second pick, which you might say was an arm punt.

I was looking to seeing improved offense with the new ball, unfortunately the new ball has been slippery.

And the Als still have yet to at least get a field goal with about 10 minutes left in 4th quarter. There might possibly be one coming up for them soon though...

AC is not real Sharp tonight ..
I know it the 1st game but Crowd in Montreal is getting Mad..

Another A.C. pick!

He cannot throw consistently between 10-25 yards any more on a flat plane -- it's been his bane for the last three years and I'm afraid this could be chronic.

Oski Wee Wee,

...and it looked like they'd at least get a field goal after great catch by Cahoon, and two dumb penalties by Riders. But then Calvillo throws his third pick.

The fans in Montreal may not see the home team even get a field goal. They may soon get an idea of what it was like to be a Ticat fan last year.

last year, calvillo blamed the new balls...whats his excuse this year?

I think that maybe… just maybe… its finally Montreal’s turn to be a bad team for a year or 2. Every team goes through it at least once every couple decades.