Friday Night Football Riders vs Stampeders

Should be a great game in Regina tonight between the Riders and Stampeders, who will be the last undefeated team of the year. I have the game preview below, just would like to mention I took Winnipeg after taking Montreal in Week 1 to nail them both with BC Last night and Under on both games that's some big league picks there haha.

Im from Saskatoon so definitely a Saskatchewan Roughriders Fan but I am going with Calgary tonight and the Over.

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Who do you guys got?

Calgary dominated the Riders in the trenches in the pre season on both O and D and did the same with BC in the opener.
Last week The Riders Dline dominated Edmonton which may not be seen as a big feet but their Oline put the clamps on an Edmonto Dline that started four all stars across the front four

well, I guess we shall see..

I'm not 100% confident on this game for the Riders.

It will be a good chance to see if Calgary's O and D lines are that much more domonate. The Riders certainly have a nice crowd along their front four. Chick is just that much bigger and stronger than anyone in the CFL.
There questions about the Riders Oline from everyone exept the coach and appears to be paying off. Last year was step one bringing them in and getting a season together. now step 2 is having a well oiled machine across that front line. Chamblain knew what he had and did not bring in that many new Olineman except for a couple of import oTs to push the guys in front of them and Watman is just part of the plan as a game ready interior lineman and a Center replacement one day.
Heenan again stepped up to the plate and beat out the two imports for the RT job with Neufeld out.
Depth at OT right now is non existant they have no one but they do have two guys who have been through camp with them one an NFL VET and the other an NCAA DI starter so one or both could be called back if injuries occur at the OT

Regardless of who wins (I'm 0-2, so my week's already shot), I just hope this game lives up to the hype. :thup:

I expect to see a lot of Durant picking himself up off the turf.

....hey, so am I, and I forgot to pick the first two games :lol:

I am not to sure with Carr gone out of the picture for lack of everything expect Cortez to add a couple new Wrinkles.

  1. Darryl Stephanson out of the TE slot. Cortez stumbled upon this last season near the end when he moved Stephanson up to the #1 FB and away from any Half Back duties. Not only was he a great blocker but a receiver as well. He touched the Ball as Windsor a lot rushing for 5,000 yards so he has skill player ability just needed to find the right fit in the right situation. If he is not ready this week then very soon.
  2. Jock Sanders taking a bigger hybrid role out of the slot as well as Back field as a change up back running routes as well as some mis direction reverse type plays.
    Two weapons in which the Riders did not have available in the pre season game with Stephanson and did not show with Sanders and did not need to show too much last week.
    Also Mace is done for the season and although Huf is smart and has guys ready to step up Mace is a pure stud at DT. They do have NFL free agent Micah Jonson who earned a starting spot and Demonte Bolden will be counted on to step it up as well this season his 5th in the CFL. Canadian Turner also a swing D lineman will have to step it up as a starter. All the potential is there but the Riders could take advantage of the lose of Mace early in the season while the others redefine their roles on the Dline. With Turner now forced to play almost exclusive as DT that leaves the injury recovered Phillips and rookie D'Aguilar to rotate some at DE behind Lemon and Stud Hughes. This is where we may see stephanson More at TE helping Heenan out with hughes and then getting lost in coverage. The Stamps will most likely not prep much for that nor do they have much film on it. just my hunch

Ah ha, the clever use of the double-abstain ...actually you are 0-0 and likely still to be ahead of most of those who are 0-2 even with the changes made to the rules.

Did I really hear someone say, "Slapping the base?" :lol: Was fixing myself a taco.

scratches are in Sisco is a scratch so that should mean the Stephanson is in and could mean that we could see Stephanson a lot at TE i I am suspecting. Also Carlos Thomas is out as well as Ferri but Chamblain had put this defense together to have alot of interchangable parts. I also suspect that we will se more Kromah at WIl to stop the run with Cornish. Brown who has been playing Sam has has spent his whole career as a cover DB so he can easily move back even though Prince Miller is scheduled to start as well a woodney Tureene. Butler has been an all star at safety and has also worked the pre season playing both Sam and Will LB. Calgary uses a lot of Rob Cote in the offense as a FB/TE which could be a good match up for Butler if he moves to the Sam and of course Brakenridge masterd the SAM last season at played a lot of cover DB in his career and is now at safety.
Hurl is also a big hitter and if the Stamps do go with only 4 wide a lot and Cote as FB/TE won't be such a topugh cover for a SAM or Will LB.
Just my 2 cents in this chess match

Test; good play call for Calgary with the pump and go early...end result TD - 7-0 Stampeders
Fieldgoal Riders...Skookum 7-3 Calgary

Durant probably didn't see him, but it looked like the guy at the goal line was wide open and could've walked in.

Abstaining is intentionally using restraint to not act, not forgetting to act.

Durant to Dressler TD - 2Pt. Convert Sheets - Riders cut the Calgary lead to 14-11

Tate looks really solid. Both teams playing well. Great game so far!

Tate can thread the needle; West with the TD - 21-14 Calgary at the half.

Hefney is getting burned pretty bad so far. I was a bit worried when the Bombers cut him but now I'm starting to regret it less.

Riders improve their stats with 2 FG's; 21-20 Stampeders lead with 4 Min. left in third. The 4th Quarter will be dandy...

Skookum.... much like Saturn's moon Titan; Riders TD Sheets- 2Pt convert to boot...Riders in the lead 28-21