Friday night football Montreal vs. Toronto

Anybody know what the attendance is looking like? People gonna bail on the Argo’s, or a huge protest by Torontonians to pack the stadium, and show they want CFL? Anything?

Time will tell.

Argos are wearing the white pants. There's a retro look for ya!

Yet again, the Als are getting screwed with a video replay, the Refs have been bad in the past few seasons, but this year, it's just terrible.

Good 1st half.

Bishop is in!

i just turned it on.

Did joseph get hurt or pulled out because he was struggling?

I stepped out at halftime just to return and hear Stubler telling one of the sideline reporters that he was making the switch. I don't believe Joseph is injured.

I thought they were challenging a fumble but they challenged the completion.....

I also question the face masking call late in the 4th, I don't see how they could have called that

Me too. It’s too bad that a bad call has to directly effect the outcome of a game (see Jojuan Armour) before it becomes punishable. Whoever threw that flag should be fined.

Okay, so I'm not going crazy then! I was actually AT the game tonight and I could not believe that face-masking call. Couldn't see ANY evidence that Stewart had his hand in Bishop's grill. And it kept the drive alive and resulted in a Toronto TD. It didn't affect the game, but it well could have.

That face masking call was absurd that was the first time I have ever seen a player get a face masking call on a tackle at the hips just because their head is up their arse doesn't mean bishop's is

Crowd was 30,500. 50/50 was over $7000, almost comparable with 'The Hammer'. WoooHooo

The "race" for second place in the east is on, thanks Als.

:D That made me laugh out loud, thanks mada7!