Friday Night Football in the U.S.?

Just got the awful news that Dish Network has dropped WorldsportHD and several other VOOM channels from its line-up. That was our only source for TSN’s Friday Night Football broadcasts down here, and I canceled my subscription as soon as Dish pulled the plug on Worldsport.

Has anyone heard anything about CFL U.S. broadcasting rights lately? Any chance FNF will be shown on DirecTV now?


From what I understand, VOOM had exclusive rights to one high def Friday night game on TSN. I looked up VOOM on Wikipedia and the article said that they would only be on Cablevision. Unless the CFL made other rights available the only way to get the games is to listen to internet radio broadcasts. When I found out Dish dropped VOOM I called them up and told them that this was the only reason I signed up for Dish and facetiously thanked them for screwing me over by not only taking away VOOM but also charging me for early cancellation.

If there was any consolation in this, it was the fact that Worldsport stunk for bombarding us with promos for the other channels and shows. For God's sake, how many times are you going to show me those La Liga footballers butchering up English. And if that wasn't bad enough, they pre-empted the studio analysis from TSN with that crap.

I'm still waiting for the to announce the international broadcast schedule. For the past four years, Directv has been good about aquiring networks that show the CFL.

For $12.00 dollars per month you can get the 'Sports Pac' which is a group of regional networks from around the U.S. that carry CFL games. Maybe now with 'Dish' not carrying Friday games Directv might show them. But...I'm still waiting to see if ANY network will show games this year.

As I said, I have been able to see games the last four years, but, the amount of networks that have carried them has dropped from about five to only two.

Couple of bits of info re Friday night - or any night football in the U.S.

With regards to the regional sports networks, Dish carries them, too. The positive is, Altitude, the Colorado station, has committed to carrying the CFL - all games it can fit into its schedule - for the foreseeable future. The previous poster talked about two such channels, and I do remember another, but I can't recall what it is.

Another positive is MOST of the channels currently in SD (standard definition) format will be going to HD by the end of the year, just because they all have to be digital by February of 2009 to continue in the U.S. Yeah, I know they don't HAVE TO if they're on cable or satellite, but they will to stay competetive. Unfortunately that's next year.

This could be good news for American CFL fans. Without the exclusive HD Friday Night Football deal in the U.S., there is little reason why Friday games should not be televised like all the other CFL games. Plus the internet broadband service to the U.S. should also not be blacked-out on Friday's either.

Unfortunately, the league seems to wait until the last minute, (sometimes after the reg. season has already started) to firm up their U.S. broadcasting schedule.

I can only pray that I can stream the Friday games this year since streaming is the ONLY way I'll be able to see games at all.

  1. There's a very good chance that Voom will disappear completely. Cablevision (which bought Voom) is the last remaining outlet for the channels, and their commitment ends in June. Cablevision executives aren't commenting on Voom's future.

  2. Trajectory Sports holds the rights to CFL broadcasts in the U.S. They were the ones that agreed to the exclusive deal for Voom to receive the Friday night games. That deal, which stunk to high heaven, blacked out those games in the U.S. to everyone but Voom.

  3. With Voom gone, Trajectory Sports will hopefully allow the Friday night games to be broadcast by the same regional sports networks (Altitude, Comcast, etc.) that carry the other games. Those channels used to carry the Friday night games until Trajectory Sports gave exclusive rights to Voom. Most of those regional sports networks now have HD capacity, so Friday Night Football in HD would be a perfect fit for them.

  4. I'm a Blue Bomber fan in the U.S. with DirecTV. For the past two years, I've had nearly half of the Bomber games blacked out because of the Trajectory Sports-Voom deal. This year, the Bombers play TEN games on Fridays. Hopefully, Trajectory Sports won't ruin my season again.


It appears you've still got game Ron, Comcast does indeed have Friday night games scheduled this year, so it appears they won't be blacked out.

Sorry but that link shows last years schedule,

Blarg. Thanks Ro. Sorry about that. Not sure why that schedule has Friday night games on it since they were blacked out down here, but Comcast often messed up the their own schedule, which is why I'll be streaming all games this year.

I sent a note to Altitude, asking if Trajectory Sports was making the Friday Night Football games available to them this season, and if so, urging Altitude to carry them.

That was a week ago, and I’ve received no reply. If I do, I’ll be sure to pass the info along.


Bad news folks--looks like VOOM has yet another exclusive on FNF this season. This "network" is available to what...50 people?