Friday Night Football @ BMO

They have listed the 21 Nationals for the last couple of games. They were usually sitting out two Internationals but for this particular game they only have to sit out one, most likely Avery Jordan. Sinkfield can now fill the empty roster spot next week without having to remove any players who are on this game's depth chart.

It looks like it might be another Ryker Mathews situation. Mathews got his first game action last year by filling in for the injured Lamar Holmes (who?) at right tackle and has started at right tackle ever since.

The times sure are “achanging”. I recall being in Japan in the summer of 1970 . My brother sent me telegrams to give me the scores of the Cat games that I was missing. So now I can use my Maxwell Smart shoe phone and watch them live ?

Pat Lynch (the really old guy)

Not to mention that he has also leapfrogged over a savvy seasoned vet in McDaniel in being named as a starter for this game . It'll be interesting to see how well and what he can do out there and I'll be for sure keeping a very close eye on number #82 as Toliver's replacement in tonight's game .

The kid must've obviously shown something in practice recently to impress Jones enough to start him over two players in STE and F-L who have been on the active roster all season as well as a 10 yr vet in McDaniel .

In reality though I think that Buren unless he does something phenomenal tonight will merely be a temporary placeholder as a starter until Sink gets here and up to speed and hopefully gets inserted for the all important Ottawa home and home that will ultimately decide 1rst place in the East .

Thanks to all. That has allowed me to use both Rogers Anyplace and TSN GO. Unfortunately, the internet here is really slow, so it buffers every few seconds. I’ll give it a try tonight, but not sure if it’ll be watchable.

I do have it set on the PVR, so at least I’ll be able to watch it when I get home. Should be a good one. (It better be.)

Thanks again.

Although very frustrating when it buffers, at least you’ll get the gist of the game and know the result. :wink:

The #Ticats have an opportunity tonight to sweep the season series with the #Arblonauts for the third time (2010, 2015, 2018?) since the Arnos last swept the series in 2007.

Do we want a close game or total argogeddon?

not sure that at 7-7 we should be picky about the kind of win we get.

but my official answer is nothing that june jones can screw up.


New word of the day coined by a rookie no less. Excellent wordplay Meow Mix. 8)

More like a Captain Kirk tricorder. ;D

I would like to see Banks extend his streak of at least 2 receiving TDs per game to 4 games. (I wonder what the record is?)

And I’d like to see Masoli throw for at least 320 yards to put him ahead of Reilly (for a day anyway) and position him to win the passing title for the season given Reilly’s downward slide.

Also, I’d like our kicker to get his mojo back.

And I want Breaux to school Carter just like in the good old days.


Do you even have to ask?

I’d like to see Masoli pulled from the game 1/2 way through the 3rd quarter because we are 25 points ahead. No injuries to key players.

We will not be 25 points ahead at anytime. The Argos are not just going to rollover.

All I want is a win - no injuries.

Feels like exhibition stadium - cold and unwelcoming

Mike Hogan?
56s57 seconds ago

Tonight's scratches. #Argos: Rodney Smith, Will Campbell. #Ticats: Terrell Sinkfield, Avery Jordan

They are on the field for warmups (black pants)
I guess there will be no logogate tonight! :slight_smile:

Too much foam on my Latte!
Kick some Argo Butt!

Looking forward to seeing White have another good game and what Buren can do.