Friday Night Football @ BMO

In the most recent 3 CFL games played, featuring such QBs as Mitchell, Reilly, Collaros, Jennings, Bethel-Thompson and Manziel, John Salavantis believes the best QB performance was by James Franklin, who the Cats will face on Friday. Coach Sal also pointed out some interesting defensive stats, combined, from those three games:

  • only 5 offensive TD were scored
  • 18 field goals scored
  • 22 sacks recorded
  • 12 interceptions

It's that time of year when defence seems to take over in the CFL.

You realize you are just a joke at this point, right?

So you don’t agree with his assessment that The Cats Claws Bus Trip is Going To Be A Blast? ;D

Depends on the elite level of the fans on the bus.

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We are slumming it on the Lakeshore West line.

Wife and I are really excited for the game!

Thanks. You really made my night.

TiCats depth chart @ TOR

Arblows Depth chart

Interesting that Palmer is still listed as starting LT even with the return of Jordan

safe to assume Sinkfield has not officially signed as to not have to put him somewhere on the roster?

Who is Buren? (WR)

He was our 5th round draft pick (37th over-all) in this year's draft . He played some in the preseason and even made a nice catch from Dane that almost went for a TD in our final game . He has spent the entire year on the PR biding his time and learning the game and is now due to all the injuries finally getting his shot and promotion to the active roster . I say congrats to the young man and good luck in your first of hopefully many games wearing the Black "n" Gold .

Here's more about Buren here courtesy of 3DN :

You should take a look at his “Ticats all access? interview. Probably the most articulate football player I’ve seen interviewed. Seems like a fantastic young man and Canadian to boot?

When I look at Hamilton’s Depth Chart, I count only 44 players,i.e. 23 Int. and 21 Nat. Exact? I do know that you dress only 2 QB’s. Rather than add another Nat. and having to name a healthy scratch, did the GM and Head Coach decide to only include the 21 Nat. that will dress/play?

Thank you.


Thanks guys.

Let’s hope Buren lives up to the coach’s expectations. He looks to have jumped right over STE and F-L on the depth chart.

Not really that interesting. Oline looked miles better in that second BC game with him playing compared to the first game.

It’s still interesting, if in fact we have improved at that position.

Key Hamilton Roster Notes: The Ticats have signed WR Terrell Sinkfield but he won’t play Friday. Terrence Toliver is the fourth WR to go on the six-game injury list. DE Adrian Tracy won’t play, and neither will DT Jason Neill. Kelvin Palmer likely starts his second game at left OG, National receiver Justin Buren makes his first CFL appearance and will start, and receiver Marquay McDaniel will be the backup International receiver.

Figures that the only time I need to watch the Ticats over the internet, because I’m out of the country and can’t watch TSN, the various internet options I have won’t work - because I’m out of the country.

I’m a Rogers subscriber, but the Rogers Anywhere app doesn’t allow access outside Canada. Rogers “Anywhere”? Nope.

Same thing for the TSN GO app. TSN “GO”? Depends where you go, I guess.

If you’re traveling in the US, you can use the free trial offer for ESPN+. All CFL games are streamed live and available after the game if you miss it.

Download a VPN. I used VPN express. You can then set it to some city in Canada and you will be able to access the game. I did this last year when I was in Barbados and wanted to watch the Olympics

Free trial of Unlocator should work. Set to Canada, use TSN GO or the Rogers app.