Friday Night Football @ BMO

It'll be the first time ever the Cats have played the Argos with James Franklin starting at QB.

In the main page video “Day One with Coach Jones: Week 18” he says “Healthwise, we’re still beat up … lost, obviously, another receiver.”

Toliver is the only WR I recall being injured in the win over B.C., so I guess that means he won’t be playing in Toronto.

It would be nice to enter the playoffs with another speedy receiver. But I guess
that’s out of the question now. So I guess we depend on Jones, Tasker and Speedy
to get us all the way.
I was praying for Sinkfield , but I don’t think they even tried to get him.

This is getting comical.

What about the cheerleaders?

Technically we will be playing the Argos backup. And Trestman has been around long enough to know that the Cats often have a big collective brain fart against a backup QB.

Won’t be so comical if Speedy goes down and we have no replacement for him.
You have seen how well me played without him.

you mean the game against the best team in the league that we were in for 3 quarters and the game @BC that we (essentially) won?

This is a trap game…we are not good enough to take it for granted.
Argos have become as we were last year at this time - Spoilers!

Yep, also known as games we lost

As far as I’m concerned, the Cats don’t execute as well when SPEEDY wasn’t in there.
I think we could of won both games with him playing IMO.
But I hope we don’t have to test that senario again, because we don’t have a replacement for him.

This team has also demonstrated they are very capable of losing with Banks in the lineup.

They didn't lose in BC because Banks was out

We've beaten the blew team's backup QB twice this year. Now it's on to their third-string...

Might be time to get McDaniel into the lineup - he's already here and had time to become familiar with the offense. He might not be as speedy but he has veteran savvy.

If Toliver is unable to play the only International REC on the PR is McDaniel. He obviously becomes “the next man up”.

Maybe so, But who says that the game wouldn’t have been that close if Banks had played.
With Banks we could have made the same coaching errors but had a wider score margin and won.

Great point. Take it right out of June Jones' hands.

We’re going to have our work cut out for us on Friday! The Cats Claws bus trip is going to be a blast! I’m predicting a Masoli stumble but we win in a close one despite his 2 picks.

Of course you are.