Friday Night Canada Day Fireworks @ THF

The Ti-Cats and Coca-Cola have announced that there will be a post game Fireworks display at THF. The fireworks will be set off from the Scott Park site.




Ooooh....Oooooh Can we see them fired into the endzone seats and set fire to the turf like we did at Ivor Wynne. Best fireworks display EVER!

Anyone remember the Pink Floyd concert at Ivor Wynne?
I think that was the last time they allowed fireworks.

I'm sure I'm dating myself here but when I was a kid I'm pretty sure the City of Hamilton did their Victoria Day Fireworks at Ivor Wynne. We would watch them from my uncle's place who had a house up on Mountain Brow Boulevard.

I remember that they literally blew up the scoreboard in the east end zone with their pyrotechnics. Apparently, Hamilton was their final NA show, and rather than shipping the fireworks back to Britain they decided to use them all up. - Hey were the 3 Stooges part of their road crew? - One would think so.

:P :P :P

There were fireworks at IWS after a Ticat game, which as Mark pointed out, got a little out of hand once again - perhaps the ghosts of the 3 Stooges were responsible?

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Correct. And it would end with "Fireball Freddie".

Fireworks have been used several times at IWS since then. Several International festivals used the venue…plus the Cats did it a few times, with the one, as mentioned…being quite eventful.

I believe my kids are looking more forward to the fireworks than the game!

For the few NFL games I’ve attended the fireworks display/show has been pretty cool. Should be a great end to our win! :wink:

Too bad we have a long drive after the game and won't be sticking around to watch.
I wish they would do the fireworks before the game................... :cry:

In daylight? :oops: :oops: :oops:

Don't you know by now that nothing he writes makes sense?

Outstanding job to all involved in the fireworks tonight.

Thank you Coca-Cola.

I would much rather have watched three hours of fireworks and 10 minutes of that football performance by the home team.

Great job again, to all involved! :thup:

You guys don't understand "sarcasm" ? or humour...........................? yikes

They really need a "sarcasm" smilie...

:thup: :thup: