Friday Morning Optimism

After all of the disappointments of the season, including my five hour trips to some truly horrible home games and the flight to Edmonton for that debacle, I have chosen to be optimistic this morning.
The way I see it, we may be a bit healthier on the defensive side of the ball tomorrow. Maybe having Knowlton and Johnson and Davis will add a bit of a spark, certainly should be some better.
And I've watched the Argos enough this season to not believe in them. Other than Ray and Kackert, who are badly beaten up, there is not much to that squad. They could easily lose tonight to Winnipeg who will have Pierce back. If that happens, as I understand it, the Ticats hold their own destiny, requiring three wins, including an eight point margin over Toronto.
Nothing else, no help from other teams. Three wins, 8 points over Toronto and we get to host a playoff game.
It sounds crazy, but no crazier than our 51-8 victory over Edmonton at home (who we would likely play again in that East Semi under this scenario) and the dominant performance against the Als.
I'll probably wait until after the game from McMahon tomorrow to purchase those Grey Cup tickets but I'm only going to send positive thoughts today.

We still have Cortez at the Helm and Creehan running the D. The only chance we have this week is if Hank takes his emotion and turns it into points. More than Calgary because the D will stink as usual.

sorry not a positive post on my part but its the truth

omg, now we have to apologize for a negative post??

I'll say this right now...if the D can't stop Cornish, we'll fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

8) Well it's hard to be too optimistic, or positive for this next game when you consider that the Cats record playing
  in Calgary is 0-7,  dating back to 2004    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

That's what they said about the Cats not winning in Edmonton since 2006, oh wait........ lmfao

Its also what they said about the record in Saskatchewan too. And that streak was snapped this year.

It all comes down to which team shows up. And that is something I am SICK to death of saying year after year.

If burris does nothing and gets left in for the whole game, I will cheer for the argos for the rest of the season.

This weekend requires a major boatload of optimism. As the Cats could still make the playoffs by ending up tied with SSK or EDM, or by finishing ahead of TOR, we should all be rooting for WPG, BC, MTL and HAM to win this week. TSN’s Chris Schultz, who is close to 60% accurate in predicting the outcome of this year’s CFL games, is betting against us in all 4. Also not in our favour – Ricky’s back for the boat guys and Lulay may not be playing aginst EDM. No sound from the fat lady yet, but her mouth is wide open!

Wash your mouth out with soap for swearing! :wink:

what if Burris throws for 300+ yds. and 3 TD's yet the Defense allows 35+ points to lose the game?

Will you still cheer for the Argos? :smiley:

My Friday thoughts.....
Earlier in the season I thought ....on any given day.....we could beat any team in the league.
At this stage of the season we seem to have regressed but the other teams, generally, have not.
Calgary will be tough to beat.
The offence will need to score 30 points at least to offset our porous D.
I now believe George Cortez has been given a couple of years to turn this team around where as we (rightfully) expect results right away. It's the only explanation I have for the lacklustre season and the continually below par defence.
Creehan will be here for the rest of the season so I see that as a negative. I think his defence could play better on their own without him.

I can live with that.

I did right after I realized what I had posted.