Friday July 23 2021

will you be watching opening of Olympics, or will you be watching the NHL draft?

The NHL draft. The Olympics don’t interest me with their corruption

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I expect to be on a fishing trip that week, but even if I were to be home, I wouldn't watch either.

The Olympics, watch our country. Support our athletes especially the runners!!

The NHL draft? is this a joke? boring, why do they even televise it?

I have some painting to do, I will be watching it dry

Ok I expect to be flamed for this but why?
We win 0 gold medals or 100…what changed for our "Country?
People get rich over this massive waste of money…but its not the athletes or the taxpayer


On the Olympics, I don't care a whit. I do not really understand how people, every four years, can get excited about a bunch of sports that no one ever watches otherwise.

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I do watch track and field. I know that in Canada it’s not important anymore but it is popular in Europe. Want to see who is the “fastest human”
Rugby 7s good sport.

Opening Ceremony has never really interested me, I’ll watch the draft if I’m home.

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I would prefer TSN Friday night Football (CFL) but, sigh, it’s not on.

Oh well, I may glaze through some of the ceremony and the draft.

Enjoy the swimming though.

Hopefully Canada does well.

Support our athletes.

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Meh, probably neither. Jays @ Mets or some CFL on ESPN Classics. I’m more of a Winter Olympics guy, the summer sports have never really interested me. Although the women’s soccer semi-final in London 2012, Canada vs USA, was a brilliant match and the only soccer game I’ve ever enjoyed. Even my British friends said it was the best soccer match they’ve ever seen at the time.

At the Winter Olympics though I love the hockey, curling, moguls, ski cross, and snowboard cross. I’ll also fill time with speed skating if there’s nothing else to do.

Well, I bet for many of us we would watch these sports if we had the time, or if they were actually televised at a reasonable hour. I tried PVRing a curling brier once and just couldn’t find the time to watch it, a year later I deleted the recordings. Plus I never know when moguls, ski cross, or snowboard cross air on TV. I think I caught non-Olympic ski cross once by a fluke.

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Winter Games fan here – bobsled and ice hockey. Summer doesn’t do much for me.

I might watch some of the Opening ceremonies if nothing else significant to me is on. As for the rest, I am only interested in the mens and womens football. Really interested.

Some times I watch a dash or two.

NHL draft.....naaahhh


The NHL Draft is not a political event I don't think, but I don't care.

The Olympics should not even be taking place and should be canceled for starters. I don't care anyway but for a few athletics events.

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19 days until team Canada Womens Soccer plays first Olympic game. Too bad it doesnt look like the Mens team made it.

I just hope these Olympic dont turn out to be a medical disaster but I be watching the soccer and hoping for the best.

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