How's Friday gonna turn out?

Saskatchewan always seems to have BC's number at Taylor field. Must be that wind! LOL

While I'll be cheering for the Lions, I think if you fill your building like you did against Calgary, and make even more noise, I could see you guys pulling off a victory.

I think we have a good chance of taking sole possession of first. Kent Austin will not allow the team to put it's feet up. The Riders won't forget the West Final last year.

This will be a true test for our Offence and for the team in general

I can't believe how well everyone played. We have excellent depth at all positions. A very good sign.

Fantuz had an off game. I predice him to have a big game in BC on Friday.

BC has a much better defence than Calgary so the offence is going to have to keep the pedal down. We saw some very encouraging things, including Flick really have an excellent game.

Dickenson is usually a very consistent guy, but we've seen in the past if we can get pressure he is prone to making some mistakes. Another big challenge for the D.

I think the Riders win a close one at a sold out Mosaic Stadium!

Nice poll, I like your format and voting options.

Seriously, I think the Riders are gonna keep the roll going. It will be tough, But ROCK N ROLL.

Riders by 5

I think the Riders will win a close one. Reason being... they are at home and secondly, they are on a roll.

Yeah, I liked the way your poll looked for "SUNDAY!SUNDAY!SUNDAY!" and it seemed to get a lot of attention, so I decided to make one simular. Hope you didn't copywrite it. :lol:

My guess by the way, is if the Riders keep it going like Thryllin said then my guess is:

Riders: :thup: 27

Lions :thdn: 24

cool and cheers

Riders 24
BC 19

Anybody know how ticket sale's are going for fridays game

Drew Remenda Show said not that well.
Good crowd by game time though.

It is a short week in comparison and I think many people will be at Craven which is a bummer. Hopefully it's a beautiful day and we can get a large walk up crowd. I think a mistake was made last week in a lot of media saying it was going to be a sell out, so people stayed away figuring the black out would be lifted.

I live in Quebec now so black outs are never an issue for me anymore. But, would TSN broadband black out the games as well. Or does the black out only apply to TV? Just Curious if anyone knows this. It's always tough to sell out Rider games in the summer. Attendence will soar come fall.

I don't know how attendance is going wind up. Craven weekend but not much of a lineup on Friday there. Riders 16 - BC 13!

It's gonna be real tough for the riders but, I think the fact that it's at Taylor Field (yes taylor feild, not mosaic stadium) will be a big factor.


Riders :thup: 27
BC :thdn: 24

i dont know im not totally convinced that sask can beat the defending grey cup champs i think it will be tough but it could go either way i think


The Riders could be the Grey Cup champs and you would still take BC, just because its the Riders...

Heard on 620 ckrm that there has bee 24600 tickets sold so far not bad for craven weekend

im confident the riders are prepared for game this season so 31-23