I'm asking it again, using thryllin's title and poll once again.
Will the Riders or Esks win? I'm still confiedent in the green and white, but the fact that it's at commonwealth scares me a little. What's your opinion?

PS:It's my birthday today! :smiley: :rockin: :cowboy:

They traditionally struggle in Edmonton but I think they will pull out a close win under the new regime :slight_smile:

Should be a heck of a game. The esks are better than people think. I think the Riders D will hold Ricky Ray in place long enough for our offence to start "gelin". Limit turnovers and we have a great chance of winning one at Commonwealth.

I hope Kitwana Jones is back on special teams. we need him for punt and kick off coverage.

Can't wait for Friday NightQ

ps. Happy Bday Gcup89

Offence picks it up after last week, Riders by 16, I know its a very bold statement!

This game scares me. I dont like to loose, esp to the esks. This is a game i'd like to see the black unis on for. It shall be determined within the first 7mins. Unless Coach Austin has ballz and is able to switch qb's fast enough or in a decent situation.

Thanks, and I completely agree with you on the Kitwana Jones thing. He kicked ASS on special teams.

I think we should be able to pressure Ricky all game long with the Eskimo’s having 2 veteran Offensive lineman out of this game. Im relieved that Perry is officially cleared for this game, and I hope he comes out and plays like a monster again.

I had to go with the longshot Riders Blowout.

Anything Can Happen in the Canadian Football League!!!!!!!!

Kitwana Jones wont be on special teams until Jurineack is healthy

Damnit, get healthy Jurineack.Anybody know how long he's out for?(Jurineack that is.)

I heard it will be a while, but I really dont have any specific idea...

Let's go Riders! I so hate the Esks. Let's give them another year out of the playoffs!

Whoa! Kitwana Jones was on ST!!!