Friday For Wait Can't Night

Now that I've quit drinking, and my mind is alittle clearer I find myself anticipating CFL football games. Friday night promises to be a good one. Ticats still wondering who they are. League wondering who the Bombers are. If fact, if you ask any fan of the CFL, they're still wondering. Can the Ticats make it two in a row over Winnipeg? Will they take that next step up above mediocrity? Grab your popcorn. This one will be remembered for a long time...

Good point, both teams are still trying to prove they deserve more respect. I do think this is a game we need to win though to keep pace with EDM, and keep the good times rolling 8)

PS: More Strev this week please!

Winnipeg isn't Montreal, still it should be a good test for both teams. That first game you beat us was an aberration.

Forecast is 35 and sunny, two very smart teams, gonna be good.
Cats on a high (50-11), Bombers off a bi.....
PLOP will have a few new ones up his pant leg, Masoli did throw two picks against Montreal.
Can Alex Green keep up to Andrew Harris?
Can Hajrullahu handle the winds of IGF? Some say he never could.
Drove by the Barn, Captain Morgan's tanker just hooking up, all The Bombers are back at practise, roster getting back to full strength, NOShea's collection of bad surf shorts looking stronger, WAD over at Mark's trying on some dress Carharts, lets get ready to rumble....T storms predicted.
You are right, can't wait for some Friday Night CFL, Bombers / Cats, a rivalry thats older than I am.

Fenner's back, that's gonna be big. Hopefully Leggett not practicing was just jetlag.
Wonder if we can activate Flanders now that he's healthy?
Anyone know if our Canadian D depth is healthy now too? Who's out...Jones, Gauthier, Corney, another LB....

Liked some of what Thompkins brought, want to see more physciality from our WR's.

3 more sleeps! ;D

Glad to see Fenner back on field. Good quality defender - in a variety of formations - other than playing Richie Hall backwards ball. Like to see them slip Flanders into the lineup - extra blocking back, evasive carrying the ball, not an embarrassment in slotback situations - perhaps give Tiny Dressler the night off.

Gauthier, Jones & Corney won't be playing for awhile. Is Renaud out for remainder of season? Generally speaking the bombers, due to their bombastic style of play on returns will have at least one injury per week on teams!

Ya, Renaud was the other guy I was thinking of....Didn't know those injuries were that serious...

Bombers pretty tight lipped on injuries - whether its a star or a hobo.

My guess on Renaud is season-ender.

Corney could be re-habbed by Game 11, no earlier.

Earlier Jones gets back the better. Jeff Hecht is OK, but nothing special. Never was.

No estimate on Gauthier - other than he prolly won't dress this Friday!

Hope Leggett isn't starting to break down. Even if he misses the odd game down the stretch (like this Friday) his experience, talent & tenacity would come in handy in playoffs (regardless of whether we're playing out of the West 2 or W3 spots - or even if we become W4 and have to cross over to confront Hamilton or perhaps Ottawa in the eastern semi?

Agree, you just know Moe would come up big in a playoff game. Really could have used him in that West Semi last year.
So still some injuries to our Canadian depth, mostly special teamers. This is the healthiest we've been in a long time, although same happened lastyear and then some of our best started to fall. Here's to staying healthy (mostly) from here on out.

  • Is that 35 Celcius or Farenheit? :o The heat just seems to follow the Cats around this season. Played a hot one in Montreal. Was 36 with the humidity.

  • Who is PLOP?

  • "Can Green keep up to Harris?" Don't see any reason why not.

  • Hajrullahu is a bit of an adventure

  • "Captain Morgan's." - I remember that night back in high school when I puked on Captain Morgan. Those were the days..

Apparently Gauthier is back, and it will be a cooker on Fri(e)day. High 30's with the humidex.

.....Yep ...Mikey says he's good to go on Fri. ... Gauthier is a monster on special teams...Cats won't like the smell of this and might have to head off to the litter after being on the receiving end of one of his hits...I thought Plesius might see some action but he's been put on the 6 game IR apparently...The offence looks like they are in pretty good shape and rested going into this one...We can be tough at home and the Cats are going to be in tough to walk out of IGF with the 2 pts. ..GOBIGBLUE

Kat Man that's C, so 35 is a hot one..
I'm betting Harris, rested, out duels Green.
Captain Morgan's is dished out in soup cups @ The Rum Hut, a spot approaching legendary swill status and located @ the north end of IGF. Game time home to a nefarious bunch of rounders, posers and reprobates. I occasionally drop in.....
PLOP is Sir Paul LaPOlice, Bombers O coach; NOS is Mike, "the answer is No", Oshea, Bombers Director of Denial and Head Coach.
Hajralluhu, or whatever, has been known to struggle in the weird IGF winds.
Lots of points, 50/50 goes into six digits, Bombers rested, in the heat, take it but not by much.

  • Cats have played their last 2 or 3 games in blistering heat, so, their bodies may be more acclimatized to it.

  • I'm betting the Baby Bonus cheque on Green. (The kid will do just fine without an education.)

  • "I occasionally drop in." Funny. I laughed.

  • I guess PLOP works .. if English was a bit of a challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • We affectionately call him (O'Shea) Turncoat in Hammy.

  • I don't know about the century mark in points scored. I leaning towards the under 60.

  • Go Cats Go!

I see what you did. You came on here and managed to plant a cheer for your team against ours. Nice one...but it didn't work ;D

Kat man I don't want or need the baby bonus cheque you appear to have bet me but I will ask you forward it to the Winnipeg Humane Society cat neuter clinic, they know how to nut a tabbie....

…..Catmandidn't appears to have fled....We ethically neutered his team and he likely won't pay up Wumper... :o

Paps, I like how you think but if I might, Katmandu, following that last game, may just be Katmandone.

Checked over @ The S and N Clinic, no Tabbies showed up for a nut job last week. Thought they might, I saw at least 46 running around loose...

In case Kat's Done is lurking, Harris out everything'd Green AND his team won!!
Green 16 for 63 - 3.9 yard average
Harris 16 for 82 - 5.1 yard average
Green 2 for 19 - 9.5 yard average
Harris 4 for 46 - 11.5 yard average

Go Cats!!

In the words of the immortal Jackie Gleason when someone told him they didn't drink " So, this is the best you're gonna feel all day."

That's some funny stuff you guys posted, Papa and Wumper. I'm just glad we don't have to play them again, hopefully. They can be a good team if they get it together. They got Westerman and he's done little for them except send them back many yards with stupid penalties.

Speaking of Friday, the broadcast crew on CJOB Radio was saying that the RedBlacks/Trevor Harris were targetting Kevin Fogg. Was this also being said on TSN and other broadcast outlets?