Friday can be Miles last game ever played at BC place :(

On the article on here about him, it said for miles, it could be his last game played at BC place :frowning: Does that mean he is retiring after this season? OH, maybe because next year they are going to a different stadium and he might retire after that year? Or he is just thinking about what he wants to do? Im sure Wally would not let him go, he is like the 3rd best at his position of all time right?

As I understand it, Miles wanted to retire and become DB coach a few years back. Instead Mark Washington was allowed to do it.

Would be a shame not to see Barron on the field next year, but I'm sure they can find a spot somewhere on the coaching staff for somebody with such class and integrity - Not to mention talent.

Lets hope he gives it one more year, after all he's still got a few more I N T's in him I'm sure.

True that Yoeleven, but I would like to see him retire at BC place, the dome. So lets hope he has 2 more years :slight_smile:.

Also, did mark Washington retire because of age? how old was he?

Totally!!! IMO he’s gotta be considered among the best DB’s in CFL history.

Anyway at the time of Washington’s move to coaching I think they were both mid 30’s. (34-36 or something like that) Grand-father age for DB’s in a pass happy league.

Miles will always be remembered.

Have a great game Mr. Miles! :rockin:

he already got an interception :slight_smile: Tied for second.