Friday Blackout ???

So, I wonder if the team made the $100,000 that they thought they would. I don't think so with maybe 16,000 there at the most. Hopefully, this will show once and for all that blackouts do not work.

blackout? i taped the game on TSNHD and it was there.... :slight_smile:

Yes Crash for some Reason they Can't black out the HD Feed..
Nice for us who have it

Then why was my HD feed blacked out?

If you are on cable you are paying extra for HD feed. Because of that they cannot black it out as you are allready paying for it.
I know I found out in the 3rd quarter of the last blacked out game. I was switching throught the channels and low and behold it was on. I didn't know if I was more pissed before the game that it was blacked out or that it was actually on HD and I could get it without knowing it. lol

In most areas you have to pay extra for TSN and it’s not always in the basic cable package.

Im on Starchoice, and I always understood that they cannot black out the HD feed because its national and have no way of showing alternate programming. The game was not on my standard def channel.

Shouldnt all you guys have been at the game????

Of course they do. Don't you know that it gets all those free loading ingrates off the couch and out to the stadium? It's a great strategy. Take your team out of the public eye. It brings them out in droves. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm on Bell Expressvu. I pay extra for the HD channels and I have a PVR.

I had programmed the game in my pvr and the day of the game the programming changed to program unavailable and was blacked out. Luckily I saw that the program was unavailable and had my sister-in-law in Streetsville tape it off of Rogres HD on her pvr.

So, HD via Bell in Hamilton was blacked out as was regular TSN on Bell.

Did you even read that most of us went to the game and taped it on the HD channel?

Dunno....I don't see any posts here that come out and stay that.

Maybe my eyes were screwed up by watching AC pass for 414 and beat Edmonton by 36.

Can't be that many of you who went ti IWS and recorded it cause I doubt that there were 15000 in the stands

From what I see, alot of people here want something for nothing. Caretaker deserves better.

Yeah...when the Als miss the playoff in 6 of 7 years, and collect about 15 wins, total, over that span, then you can offer your opinion.

Wow that has absolutely nothing to do with the thread topic, so thanks.

Exciting finnish to the game.
A chance to see Porter show his stuff.

Would have been nice advertising for the rest of the season had they not blacked it out!

Chris Schultz, Brian Williams, and more then just a few others would agree with you.

Boreham are absolutely right.. Im embarrassed....

However, if you look at this thread, it still screams of people who whine and moan when they are getting 7 out of 9 games free and they have to pay to see two games...

I live in Montreal and I find a way to make it to IWS 4-5 games every year...cause I'm a fan....of the CFL AND the Cats. Yeah my Als are #1 in my books, but thru the dark no CFL years in Montreal, the Cats keep me a fan.

I show my loyalty by dropping my $$$ at the IWS ticket counter, and that I'll bet is better than most out here who who have been living on the freebies that have been circulating in Hamilton over the past few years.

I'm lucky that I can afford this expensive habit of 20 CFL games a year in Montreal, Hamiltion, Toronto. Maybe not everyone can buy season tix, but at least they can buy the blackout games, or at very least stop b**ching about the two games a year that you can't get for free.

8) als4ever, you are a good loyal CFL fan, and by supporting your Al's and the TiCats by personally attending so many games, you are a rare breed for sure !!
I congratulate you  !!!

They should try the radio, by concentrating a little they might learn a thing or two about the game.

I do too, but saying that "most" of the people on here survived on the freebies is a major overstatement. I have had the pleasure of meeting many fans from this site and almost every single one of them is a season ticket holder or buys their tickets game by game. And many of those season ticket holders hold multiple seats. It's the same casual fans that came in due to all the fanfare and fun stuff Bob Young has brought in that are now not showing up. The loyal season ticket holder base remains loyal and should not be blamed for the lower attendance.

I've followed the Cats to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and have attended Esks games in Toronto and Edmonton. I don't think that makes me a more avid CFL fan than any of those who can't make those trips.

Some people have very valid financial and medical reasons for not attending games and they are the reason why some of us are so upset by an important game like this one being blacked out.