Friday August 3rd "Black Out the Night" Game

If we can just have a solid game next week against Winnipeg, maybe even a win. We could, just maybe Sell out our “All Black” game

Will this really have an effect on TV?

If its successful we could have a “Nude Out the Night” game after that?

For those of you who haven’t a clue what I’m babbling about, Ticat Organization is going to attempt something new, never before attempted. Encourage 29,000 to wear all black at the next game so that the crowd is “blacked out” but very noisy!

Yeah, it's probably Ron Lancaster. :roll:

Well I can tell you for sure I will be there fully dressed in black along with my 2 daughters because we support our team no matter what we are there through the good and the bad. Right now it is still early so although I would like a win I am glad the team is becoming stronger and very soon we will see a win.
I have lived in Hamilton all my life and I have no plans to go anywhere else and I am very proud to say I am a Ticat Fan and a Hamiltonian we have a great group of guys in this team including Maas, so give them a break and sit back and be patient because big things are coming eventually and I will be there for sure.
Keep up the good work guys and kick butt against Winnepeg on Friday.

Go Cats Go!!!! It's Hammer Time

SHHHHHHHHHHHH.... its a conspiracy to destroy the Ticats from within.

omg not more of this patience stuff

wat was our record last year and the year before?

like 4-14

and 5-13

and yea i have lived in hamilton all my life and have had season tickets for 9 years and i am only 14

and yes i no we are improving

but man i am just tired of loss after loss i mean i dont wanna keep going to games just too see the team i am rooting for get beat every time

and we have a quarterback who struggles to throw a TD pass

wow more people bashing Maas. But ask yourself, is Chang really that much better? after the one TD in Montreal he did dick all, while Maas threw for a decent 16-30. Chang is a decent QB but he is no better than Maas. Also you can't really consider Chang a rookie, as he spent a training camp with the Eagles and a year in NFL Europa, not to mention playing in NCAA division 1A.

Yes Chang is that much better. In fact anyone is

I believe someone (Rusty25 I think) had the idea that we should wear red to support our troops that day...

It's quite a dilemma...

Just keep telling yourself that it's good to suffer through a little adversity when you're young - it'll make you a stronger person. :wink:

That might be a good idea for "Military Night"...

Game 9: Friday October 26 – 6:30p.m. vs. B.C.

[i]Military Night – Presented by AM900 CHML

The Ticats salute all of those who serve or have served our great country. Join us in celebrating our heroes

Special Ticket offer: Ticket specials are available to all Military personnel at the Ivor Wynne Box Office with valid ID on day of game only

Special Pre-Game Event: The Canadian Forces will display Military vehicles and equipment around Ivor Wynne Stadium

Shirts Off Our Back Promotion: Win an authentic jersey worn by your favourite Ticats player. Make a donation to the United Way for a chance to win one of the game-worn jerseys.
Special Group Event: Hamilton Minor Football[/i]

I hope Black out night isn't reflective of the number of fans that go in their pants because they can't get up at halftime.
And for once I hope that the Cats provide something that doesn't make those whom did go in their pants the envy of their friends. :oops:

"Code Brown"

i'll be there wearing white! or maybe Bomber Blue!

Yea I know. I think the entire concept is rather stupid no matter what colour management choses.

From Wikipedia

"The Northeast Blackout of 2003 was a massive power outage that occurred throughout parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States, and Ontario, Canada on Thursday, August 14, 2003. Although not affecting as many people as the later 2003 Italy blackout, it was the largest blackout in North American history. It affected an estimated 10 million people in the province of Ontario (about one-third of the population of Canada), and 40 million people in eight U.S. states (about one-seventh of the population of the U.S.). Outage-related financial losses were estimated at $6 billion USD ($6.8 billion CDN)."

$6.8 Billion, eh....Let's hope the light stay on for this game. I'll be there in black.

the only ticats will be good, is if printers bolts the nfl, and bc trades his rights to hamilton.

if we can win the first game against winnipeg i will go the the 2nd peg game and wear all black :wink:

I like the idea but Why August
It way to hot a month to wear all Black
why not Sept when it a Touch Cooler..

now onknight, you know better than to use your brain like that. the front office staff dont use theirs so its unfair for you to show them up by using yours! White it is!

Theme night fight song ( field or stands??)

[url=] ... ckout.html[/url] :rockin: