Fri Oct 26 BC @ Hamilton is at 06:30 PM ????

I look at Schedule and see This :
BC @ Hamilton is 6:30 PM on a Friday..
You have to be Kidding 6:30 For this game
Why So Dam early????

6:30 People are Still Getting home from Work..
Could some please Explane why we are kicking off so dam early.

This needs to be Change to 7:00 or 7:30

I'm sure its because of TV. Saskatchewan plays @ Edmonton with a 9:30 kickoff. It's all about TV rights. Plus I believe the CFL makes the schedule, not the Ticats.

Plus its not that early, only a half hour earlier than most of the 7 pm kickoffs. It's not like its a 5:30 or 6 pm kickoff

Less pre-game suds consumption!!

Did not see Thread on this topic.
Alot people a have Major Issuies with games at Held on Thursday and Friday Before 7:30.

This Crazy it only going to be worse
When TSN takes over The CFL Full time.
Unless we have games moves over CTV

I gotta agree with these's hard to make the games...particularly for people not living and working in Hamilton!

For this game, I scheduled the day off...well in advance. But I have to be back into work on Saturday morning! That means no after-game get-togethers in Hamilton!

While I acknowledge that we need to accomodate the TV, something better could be looked at.

I work till 630pm that day so I'm missing kickoff. Poor people in BC are in for a 330pm game. I have a feeling there will be a lot of sick people in BC that

I am retired and will have no problem with the time but I still think it is poor scheduling. A lot of fans will not be able to make it for the start of the game and will miss the first quarter through no fault of their own. Even fans than can make it on time will miss a lot of the action with everyone trying to get to their seats.

The team will probably make money on the concessions because all the fans that had to rush from work will have to eat something.

It might not seem like it to the schedulers but that half an hour really makes a difference for a lot of people. Something to think about for next year.

The 7:30 start on Saturday was perfect.

With the 7pm starts I can make it but I have to rush.

The 6:30 start is going to be a challenge.

I get out of Kingston no earlier than 4:30. Good luck getting to the game (especially with my grandmother (whom I have tickets with) and the fact that she's less mobile than Danny Mac...)

I find it encouraging that people do still have jobs in and around the Hammer.

All the negativity over the past few months led me to believe the sky was falling and Armageddon was near.

Curse remains.

I'm in Sales and that date happens to be my companies month end so booking the day off was just not an option and i'll be lucky if I get out of work before 6 in Mississauga. I will be late to the game, my wife won't be able to arrange babysitters and get to the game in time so she has said she's not going at this point. I'm not sure if my brother is going to take the ticket or not, either way I will be late and miss kickoff potentially the whole 1st quarter even taking the 407 (and have to park miles away for being late i'm sure).

So, yeah, i'm not too pleased at all about the early kickoff and I have voiced my opinion to my ticket rep and to Bob and Scott Mitchell at the beginning of the season (at the kickoff bash)

I love my Cats and i'll be there, i'm just ticked that i'll be late.

Maybe its best that we turn our concerns and voice our opinions to the CFL and TSN.

Month end is for the accounting dept to worry about. I'm in sales too, so here's an idea: I'll say I had to meet a hot new prospect (you) and you do the same thing (me), we'll put the food on your expense account, the beers on mine and make the pre-game tailgate party. Deal?

I really think this is a non-issue. Many people work nights and afternoons so every game affects them in some way. For whatever reason the CFL gave us this time slot, so perhaps those working nights may get to go to the game while some working straight days (how cushy is that by the way? lol) might be inconvenienced for one game.

Hardly worth saying "This needs to be changed"

this will be the 1st game in a couple years i will be able to stay until the end. this game will end about the time i usually leave to get home as i get up every morning at 4am and it takes me at least an hour to get home from the game,not that i hoping for more 630 games but 1 game every few years wouldnt hurt

Works for me. Flying out early next day to see Da Bears. Earlier revelling after the game too!
6:30 is a tough slot tho. We'll tough it out like our team!

Blame Edmonton.
They could have moved their game to 10 eastern (8 local) but wouldn't.
The a____'s home opener was at 6:30 for the same reason.

Also, Onknight, putting some games on CTV next year wouldn't prevent this. The league has never scheduled overlapping TV games, whether they're on the same network or not. (Except the ridiculous regional coverage of playoff games in 94.)

dont mean to nippik but the 2005/06 labour day games cal/edm games started at 3pm and the cats/argos started at 545pm both on cbc. also its about time for the eastern teams to start scheduling games verus bc at 11am or at least noon until bc starts their home games vs ham, mont, and the argos at an earlier time

that's what was originally scheduled but they smartened up and ended up delaying the cats/argos game until after 6:00 when the western one was over.

Personally, I don't mind early starts. I prefer to get the family home earlier than 11:30 p.m.