Freudian typo perhaps

I found this kinda funny, I'm sure a lot won't but I don't care.

Bottom of the page last paragraph first little bit..

probably a misunderstanding of what non import is not short for but it's nice to think somebody has been on too much.

nice find

Good one Doc. It happens even with proofreading.


Too funny.

Excellent! I love those "Freudian" typos.

So everyone does not have to open the link it was written:
Non important reciever Chris Bauman

I think that really sums up Canadians playing football…Non-Important players…lol

It is time to look at reducing the number of Non-important players in the CFL and adding more Important players!!
More Prechaes, Arland Bruces,…less Baumans, Ralphs


I agree with sigpig.