French vs Morreale


My thoughts?
Firstly, this is a rediculous thread.
Secondly, you are intiltled to your opinion but I and by the looks of it many, disagree with you.
The writing was on the wall with Macaroni.....he got beat out fair and square, now please lets move on.


morreale was dumped by desjardin in an effort to purge any remnants of the previous administration...along with hitch, these two represented a potential for trouble in the locker room.....good move by a plus 5 sec forty for a receiver is what makes the cfl look like a joke.

He had the choice of a couple more years of football or many more years at running a profitable Tim Hortons franchise.
He was looking at his future, he couldn't do both.

Ron hit on a very good point.

If the Cats are going with 1 starting Canadian receiver it will be Brock Ralph.
Cats will be keeping Bauman as a back-up.
The 3rd string Canadian receivers main contributions are as a special team guy.
A. Would MM be happy in this role?
B. Is he making to much money for this role.
C. Is he as good at running down field and blasting guys as Getzlaf is?

Mike averaged 20 receiving yards and under 2 catches a game last year.
Was it a real suprise getting cut?

Now on to my beefs:
Mike claims to have come to camp in the best shape of his life. I heard him say it in 2 different interviews.
Why in the hell did you decide to get yourself in the best shape of your life at 36, how about when you were 26?
I also heard him say what an awful time to be looking for work, with people doing cuts around the league.
Open the eyes, players are getting traded/added every day to all rosters in the CFL.
If we had cut Brock Ralph, would he had been picked up right away...yes.

Like a marriage gone bad, this has not gone well.
I do feel for Hitch and he is a hall of famer.
MM, you were a very good Canadian receiver, who has represented the team solidly for years.
Not a hall of fame career but close. You did accomplish a lot of good things.

You did however not deal with this situation very well in my opinion.
It is a fact of life, and unfortunately a numbers game in the CFL.

Your number just came up.
Cruel...not meant to be, but MMs performance on the field is minimal at best at this point.


blackandgld wrote:

"Mike claims to have come to camp in the best shape of his life. I heard him say it in 2 different interviews."

I personally saw Mike Morreale bent over trying to catch his breath playing touch football in soccerworld just a few months ago. He ran a ten yard route. Great shape!

Even some of the last few posters mouths
must have dropped open when they read this. :roll:

Man, o man can some people ever bear a grudge!

For so many years, who did you want some team to just "give away" that the TiCats could sign in order that MM would have been "redundant"?

How far past 36 years do you expect a man to be able to take the pounding at an inside receiver position, making the "clutch catches" that MM undeniably did for so many years?

I can remember "35", and "keeping in shape" (and that was a loong time ago!) and it was tough to keep up with the teeners!

What would you say if you kept MM on the team, and he got creamed by a young Rob Hitchcock in a fair play in open field, and was injured for life?

Why noy just say "thanks" now?