French vs Morreale

Don't understand this trade. French may be younger but he lacks what Morreale brought to the team. He has not accomplished as much as Morreale has so why wouldn't they have kept Mike?

I thought Mike was let go because of the new young Canadians in camp.The team has lost a real mentor in this transition year. Looks like Marcel is demonstrating who is the boss without considering many other important parts of the team cohesiveness.

Your thoughts.

i agree....why cut morreale if your just gonna bring in 2 other receivers???

Mike was released because he simply got beat out it camp. Tough pill for some to swallow but thats the truth.

My thoughts are this:

Is there really a need for a thread like this. Morreale is gone. There is no need to go throught this again. French is a non factor in the trade. The big fish was Thyrone Anderson who is better than Morreale. You said it at the beginning of your post, French is younger. We have leaders so i don't know why people think this is an issue.

We're building a team here, if this was a one shot deal i would agree but Morreale wouldn't be here in 3-4 years whereas French COULD. Im sure thats the reasoning. If this team was expected to compete for a championship this year i bet Mike would be around for it.

Chris Baumann

Yawn....Go Cats

It's Getzlaf vs. Morreale, really. And Chris by all accounts won out at camp. Particularly in the brainstrust's collective wisdom.

French is a depth guy, i believe. Thyron Anderson is what makes this deal.

Oski Wee Wee,

IMO Getzlaf did not win based on performance in camp. He won on age alone.

Fine..I'll rephrase it. Chris showed enough to be too good at his age to cut. And in this camp, that translated into convergence between Chris and Mike for Chris to win out.

Oski Wee Wee,

LOL, Honestly i thought he looked awful... but I do understand the youth movement :wink:

Plus Morreale's pay would have been more than what Getzlaf and French combined will make.

Between Bauman and Getzlaf, you can really see the difference at where each of them are at (I'm talking about their CIS performances). Bauman has a lot more body control and puts himself in great position to get balls that are contested by DBs. Getzlaf is raw, but 4-14 allows for works in progress with upside.

Bauman hasn't quite got that Grigg gear in acceleration yet, but his ability to catch in traffic and take hits will make up for that.

Oski Wee Wee,

Speaking of Grigg.. why was his career so short?

Desjardin knows Anderson. Thyron is the key. Dumping French gives the Riders some cap space
He is no better than Bauman or Getslaf but he is an experienced inside receiver.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

He chose to get started early on his business career when
the opportunity of owning a Tim Horton’s presented itself.

Desjardin knows Anderson. Thyron is the key. Dumping French gives the Riders some cap space [b]He is no better than Bauman or Getslaf but he is an experienced inside receiver.[/b] Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )
I think this is a stretch... im sure Jason is a better all around receiver than these two raw rookies.

Mike Morreale and Rob Hitchcock would have
been used mostly as Special Teams players
and as back ups on Offence and Defence.

The team chose younger players
who can fill those exact roles now

but they have the potential to be
big play makers in the future
like Mike and Rob were in the past.


In another sense, Morreale [and Hitch]
were competing against all our Canadians
for two of the twenty roster spots.

And six of our 2006 and 2007 top draft choices
unexpectedly decided to sign with the Ticats
and put their NFL aspirations on hold.

Just because French and Anderson were acquired in the trade for Kornegay does not mean that one or either of them will make this team. Kornegay got beat out and I'm sure Karikari will replace him......meaning he was expendable.
I'm certain you'll see many a more receivers coming in yet.

Getzlaf did seem really raw in camp. Not to say he doesn't deserve a year to mature either on the active or developmental rosters.

Morreale was cut in his first CFL camp with BC. I wasn't there to see that but he did end up putting together a respectable career.

I was impressed with Bauman once he got over the groin pull. He did have a good grasp of managing his space on the field with respect to DBs to put himself in position to make catches.

Lets hope Anderson, unlike Cavil, regains his 2004 form and gives us a constant passing threat to keep defences honest so we can bowl over them with Lumsden.