French Speaking Media

I have enjoyed having access to both and, This is my first year on these sites and they are my first transactions with the french media. For those anglophones like myself, note that both sites give the option of english translation if approached separate from posts. I approach them from Yahoo which is my home site and have the option of english translation. Does Montreal Matin or other francaphone news papers cover the team? The Montreal Gazette charges $6. per month for online coverage.
Do any of you have other francaphone sites to suggest?

There is the LaPresse daily, Miguel Bujold is one of the most interesting guys covering the Als, he's does not write every day but you will find at least a couple good articles a week sometimes more.

There is the Radio-Canada website , french counterpart to the CBC, Danny Desrivaux writes a column regularly

RDS, TSN's french sister station has a section on the Als and Pierre Vercheval has a weekly colum and last year Proux did as well, not sure who will take it this year ?

CKAC the Als french radio broadcaster has some content and will likely have quite a bit this year.

love it!! $6.00 per month montreal gazette!!