French Elite Div. 1 Football

Argos vs Blue Stars coming up soon:

I keep checking the league's stats page to get a better idea of the QBs on different teams. Today, they've finally gotten rid of the 2022 stats and put up the framework for 2023 . . . but haven't filled in any stats yet. Maybe tomorrow.

is there a way to watch these games?

Some of them, for sure. Keep an eye on this thread. I usually post some Youtube links (or other streaming sources) to the games. It seems as though some teams have their own streams and the league has its own streams for some games, so it's a bit of a crapshoot and you (I) have to dig around a bit to find them. Be warned, though, you're not getting TSN quality. You're not even getting USports or CJFL quality in the streams.


Their stats page still hasn't been updated, but they've posted some stats on FB:

And here's former Carleton Raven, Tanner DeJong, in the passing leaders.

And former Laval Rouge et Or, Jonathan Breton-Robert among the receiving leaders:

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These should probably read Week 2 standings, though I'm not sure only one game was played last weekend. Back to a full schedule this weekend, I believe.

Canadians to watch for:

Ben von Jagow, WR for Corneuve Flash

Tanner De Jong, QB for Touraine Pioneers

Jonathan Breton-Robert, WR for Catalan Grizzlies

Should be able to catch Tanner De Jong on this stream (18/02/2023, 12:45):

And Ben von Jagow on this stream (Sat. 1:50 EST):

Ben von Jagow's team had quite the day:

Tanner De Jong's team, not so good:

May be an image of 2 people and people playing football

Blue Stars vs Argos, starts at 8AM EST:

Tanner De Jong's Pionniers lost big. I watched a bit of the first half of that game. On the first drive, De Jong connected for a bomb and then a decent TD pass from about 20 yards out. It looked like it'd be a cakewalk for the Pionniers, but I guess that just woke up the Black Panthers.

Ben van Jagow's Flash won big. In the first week, Ben had a couple of receptions, nothing flashy. We'll see what his stats were for this game.

Jonathan Breton-Robert's Grizzlies won their game. After week 1, JBR was the league leader in reception yards. We'll see what stats he got for week 2 when they publish them in a day or two.

Laval's Jonathan Breton-Robert leads the league in receiving for the second week in a row:

Scary matchup this week pitting the Bears vs the Grizzlies. Laval's Jonathan Breton-Robert plays for the Grizzlies.

Carleton's Tanner De Jong and the Pionniers take on some Cougars. Here's hoping De Jong can have a bounce-back week after a poor showing vs the powerhouse Black Panthers last weekend.

Finally, former Ottawa Sooner Ben von Jagow and his powerhouse Flash La Courneuve team take on the Spartiates. As near as I can tell, Ben had no catches last week and just two in the first game. Let's see if he can be a bigger part of the offense going forward.

All of Week 3's matchups:

Game starts at 2 PM EST:

Game will start soon, at 1 PM EST:

(I think the graphic is incorrect and the match will feature the Cougars, not the Spartans.)

And De Jong leads his team to an opening-drive TD again. I hope that's not the end of the scoring like it was last week.

Holy cow, 4-down kickoff rules are boring. Why not move the kickers back so there aren't so many touchbacks?!

And second drive leads to a second TD for the Pionniers. 14-0

Make the final 27-13 for the Pionniers. It looked as though some other QB were in for the Pionniers at the end. I hope TDJ wasn't injured.

And the Bears vs the Grizzlies ends in a tie. How fitting.

I wonder what their OT format is (assuming they even have one).

Another Canadian QB ends up in France, though not Elite D1, I think. Sounds as though he's having a blast over there.

Yes, they're a D2 team. The could move up to D1 next year if they win the D2 title.
Iron Mask Cannes

D2 Schedule: