French Elite Div. 1 Football

The top French gridiron league gets underway this weekend. There are a few Canadians playing there (or at least there were last year), along with Argos' kicker Boris Bede (not sure how that works re: contract status).

Kaleb Scott is still listed as the QB for Marseille Blue Stars.

They're playing the Catalan Grizzlies on Feb. 5.

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Thonon Black Panthers's have a Canadian head coach: Larry Legault.

IIRC, Brett Hunchak was their QB last year, but he's not listed on the roster this year, at least not as starter.

Their first game is against the Saint-Ouen Alms Cougars on Feb. 4.

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Found another Canadian--and former Ottawa Sooner--playing in France for the defending champs La Courneuve Flash.

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You're doing a fantastic job with informing us of these leagues that we weren't aware of before.

Keep up the good work.


I'll try. I'm curious to see how the former Ottawa Sooners receiver does for the Flash this weekend. Although I've yet to look up the time difference to figure out exactly when the game starts and if I'll be able to watch live.

Looks like it's on at 2 PM EST on Saturday.

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Been watching the first half and finally heard Ben von Jagow's name called. He's #3 for the Flash.

I saw a tweet earlier today about Carleton Ravens QB from 2022, Tanner DeJong playing somewhere in France, though I'm not sure which team he's on yet.


Week 1 Results:

Two teams with Canadian players--Flash and Blue Stars--both won. I'm still trying to find out where/if Tanner deJong is playing in France.

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i love that there is a team called Molasses. i would think they can’t be very fast…


This is what they really are...

.... but they still don't look very intimidating, not in this photo at least.


they look slow too lol

Even in France the Argos are losing :joy:

Ah yes, the good ship Argo⛵

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well they did win the grey cup

Yeah in the CFL. But in France?

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Well according to the article below, Marseille has signed a new QB. I'm not sure where that leaves Kaleb Scott. The article also mentions that Catalan has signed a Canadian receiver from Laval, so there's another team to keep an eye on.

Signed by Catalan:


Actually, our Argos (Aix en Provence) have had the most Div1 titles to their name, prior to the rise of the Flash (La Courneuve). They used to be the top team in France, reaching a European title game once


cool we have global fans here.

i already like your Argos, er Aix en Provence, better than ours.

so awesome seeing global pro leagues providing alternative football opportunities to these young men.

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That's nice to hear. Giving the Argos a good name in France.

Well done.