French-Canadian fireball

Ken 'Jeepers Creepers' Peters

Hamilton Spectator June 7 2007

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Nicolas Bisaillon out of Laval.

'He has left the Cat faithful reaching for their roster sheets
to see just who the heck #34 in white is.' [Including me]

It seems it is always him darting quickly through the hole
when the Offence is running plays against the whole Defence

and he finishes the play running right to, or past, the safety.

Same thing when he catches short to imtermediate balls.

[This trait reminds me of Troy Davis]

'Bisaillon was acquired along with Timmy Chang
and Richard Alston in the Jason Goss trade --

a trade that is looking more and more like a steal.'

a trade that is looking more and more like a steal.
I completely agree.

i wouldn't just yet. im gunna wait til game day to decide wether or not these guys r up to the challange

The trade was a steal because Goss isn't a team player. He was also excess. Our DBs, in my opinion, are excellent and a strength on this team along with the RBs. WR and QB are our weaknesses, and we were able to significantly improve via the Goss trade.