Freeman signs with Colts

oh...but apparently Tad is a FA now

Cal Murphy snags another one. Freeman being gone really depletes our defense. I hope the brain trust figured this was going to happen and have some irons in the fire to replace him and beef up the line. No point waiting around to see if he will come back - he's gone - move forward.

This really hurts our team, but I do think that we have some capable replacements on this roster right now! Now if we go out and sign a couple more LBs I wouldnt be mad. I hope Freeman does well right away in the NFL, but I don`t know, something tells me he might be back in a year or so.

Hate to see Freeman go. I've always liked him as a player. But I'm thinking that we've seen a lot of pretty good linebackers leave in recent years (Hunt, Lloyd, Mckenzie, Williams) and we've always been able to find guys to come in and play well at those positions. Also, I'm encouraged that this didn't surprise me, so it couldn't have surprised Taman and the coaches. They had to have seen this coming and must have been planning for it.

yeah, I would agree...they saw it coming. Freeman is not however someone you simply replace...big shoes to fill. I am sure they will have someone decent in his shoes...LBs are relatively abundant, but it will be no Freeman.

I do wish Freeman all the best, but question if he has NFL size.