Freedom oh Freedom How I love Freedom

Freedom to go anywhere at a moments notice without worrying about where is my phone.
Freedom not to have to carry anything
Freedom not to have to wear any thing besides clothes
Freedom not to be bothered by texts and calls I dont want to respond to.
Freedom not to offend anyone because I didnt get back to them soon enough
Freedom not to worry about charging a phone
Freedom not to worry that I might in the heat of the moment send text I dont really want to share and for sure dont want the recipient to share.
Freedom from mistakenly sending the wrong text to the wrong person
Freedom from being tempted to look at the phone in my car
Freedom not to have to worry about reception
Freedom not to ever be pinged


I've often said most people are chained to their phones. I like being a dinosaur.


I still have a 'land line' and while my mobile phone still looks like new I kinda forgot where I left it. :partying_face:

I take it you are retired. The freedom you speak of doesn’t work for over 90% of people who work, or the majority of the population. That’s just the way it is. I don’t like it but I don’t have work emails forwarded to me (unusual in this day and age) and don’t answer my phone if I don’t know who it is. I still have a land line as well, but not for long as the scammers outnumber real calls 10-1. There are no such calls on my cell.

I can’t stand people having their phone glued to their hip or looking at it while you are talking to them. I use it as little as possible but could not function in the business world without it. It’s sometimes handy to have a computer in your pocket. I wouldn’t be able to participate in this forum without a cell phone.

Four or five times a year I forget my cell phone at home. No big deal for me usually, but the millennials at work can’t believe I can go a whole day without a cell phone. Hilarious.

all valid points, I think, but it doesnt take away how happy I am to not have my life controlled by a phone

The cell phone is amazing if you use it properly .

But really if your exchanging your TV for a phone it's being over used .

Thank goodness for cell phones today I really think the phone has brought peace of mind , mobility , savings and I would say a huge safety net for many .

The only problem is the fact it is our memory now .

It is required to travel abroad now if you are Canadian . * Which I don't agree with JT >

Phone numbers and addresses I would had memorized now are on the phone .

Other issues but the phone if used responsibly is a fantastic asset the only problem I have is when business or government require you use them with an app is when I have a problem with it .

If That's the case we should be issued new one's every few years by over lords . ....mmmm .....maybe not

I don't want to give them any ideas .