Free Willy

Well if you listen to Ballzie on the after game show your an idiot if you think they should put Drew in for a couple of series in a game. We've seen a ton of rookies this year QB to great effect. Austin actually has his backup run a series or two ever game, that is he sits a QB who just passed 50,000 yds and gives the backup some experience. If DD gets hurt in the playoffs, do we really want to rely on putting in our backup without any significant touches in to that situation? It almost happened in the last Argo game with DDs sore pinky.

Coaches need to be more strategic than what I've seen this year. Where are the sneak plays? Again why wait until the playoffs to run them with no game time experience? We certainly need to practice 2 point conversions next game we get a large lead. How about running a hurry up offense for a couple of plays in every first quarter?

So why not free willy? With limited reps in practice why not setup some set plays for the game. Austin seems to be thinking much more strategic then Chamblin. Also, we need a fired up Chamblin on the sidelines, lets motivate the players.

Finally, I do believe DD is the guy for our team but getting pushed a bit might be what he needs.

I think he just needs a series hear and there to watch.

I would give DD the first series of every game, and barring something resulting in a good drive, I would put Willy in the next drive. I would do this with most QBs though.

I agree with a series here or there for Willy, but only at the end of games that we have got locked up to win. Example would have been the last 5 or so minutes of the Labor Day Game...

They need to continue to use DD until they get a home playoff game locked up... Once that is done, give Willy a half, or even a full game to give DD a rest and to look at things from sideline angle to prepare for playoffs

How does that help Durant look at the game from another angle at a time that he could then apply it?

You give Willy a few series when it counts, that will help both players. Saying, okay, we've locked things up, here Willy, go play...that does little.

In some circumstances it may not count. For example, if the opposing team does not have their starters in.. But most recently, in the Labor Day Game, Durant throws a TD pass to Geroy with about 2 minutes left. So at that point in the game, it was still counting... They are not putting DD back out there just to pad stats.
But I see your point... There are games where teams have seemed to "give up" when the game is out of hand... And in those situations, no one is learning anything

I too am good with a series or two just to clear DDs head but noway he takes more than that. I don't like Willy in there in actual goal line situations. Kinda bites DD in the ass when Willy plays all scenarios on the 1-3 yard line then DD has to come in on 2 pt conversions.

Especially when it's first down. Let DD have the first down rep.. But a few years back we were virtually unstoppable on 2pt conversions.. We still have most of the same players in the receiving corps. Only difference was offensive coordinator. So maybe we need to steal a page or 2 out of the old play book

Yeah we were like 9-10 on 2pt conversions. I think the biggest problem has been blitz pickup. It's been resulting in killer sacks and causing DD to force throws into double coverage and results in a pick. For gods sake send McHenry in the flat!

the Riders were something sick like 25 or 26 for 27 over over the last 4 seasons prior to that.

Yep! It was pretty much a lock when they went for it.. Never used to worry as a fan anyway!

but you said when it was a lock...up by 1 score with 2 minutes left is not a lock
I want Durant to look at the opposition's D in the first quarter so he can maybe pick up on blitz tenancies, or (and this is a big one for him) see if they are leaving a guy open on his blind side when he stares one side down.

There is a difference between what Hamilton does with LeFevour and what you are suggesting. LeFevour has a designed package, whereas what you are suggesting is taking Durant out to "see the field" Durant sees the game progress while on the field. Nothing is going to change with how he sees the game if he sits on the sidelines. Most of the time defensive packages and tendencies arent changing a whole lot from what you are seeing in your film prep for the week. Alot of times it simply comes down to how well you are executing your scheme against theirs during the game. A quarterback's adjustments are made while his defense is on the field and he is on the sidelines. The last thing we need to turn into is what is going on in Winnipeg with their indecisions at the quarterback position.

it is not indecision if it is part of the game plan. Years back this was a very common trend, and many many QBs confess that while thy hated coming out for a series that the different vantage point helps.

I'm a firm believer in sticking with the player that gives you the best opportunity to win. Right now that is Darien Durant. What happens if the back up comes in a throws a pick six or makes a crucial error? To me in taking your starting qb out of the game, that drive is more often then not going to be wasted and valuable time is coming off the clock for your team to get the job done. There is not one game this season where I would blame Durant for the loss. The Winnipeg game the offensive line played by far their worst game of the season. In the Toronto game, Durant did throw three picks but Torontos D forces alot of turnovers and losing Sheets allowed them to play the pass alot more than had he been in the game. The Calgary game the D played horrible, and you wont win many when you allow 42 points. Durant gives this team the best chance to win period.

The OL has not played good in a month

I am by no means a Durant Hater but since the fantastic first half of the season and the offensive player of the Month he has not looked good at all. I know the have been some Oline injuries, Sheets has gone down, and he has injured his pinky finger but still the production has gone way down and suddenly the turnovers are beginning to start up,
My guess is that the Riders are going to play out the middle six games which ends today with the plans that they have had in place but I would look for some possible changes which may include Willy getting into the game plan.
Also dressin only one RB half back has really hurt the offense. With Jackson returning to the roster as strictly a returner and injuries to Best and now Heenan have taken two import spots off the board.
The return of Heenan would place 4 canadians on the starting Oline with Clark and Watman would open a spot for Sanders to be a change up back to sheets when he returns or Garrett until then.

I'm with you on this one, maybe time to sit DD and let free Willy, hell it can't hurt, where 0-3 last 3 games. Injury has hurt us but this is suppose to be a stacked team, only thing stacked of late is the losses!!

Yeah, I was quite willing to give Durant a free rein this season, but am concerned the last 3 or 4 games. And the O-line play hasn't helped.
I only saw the second half today. Durant didn't look horrible, but he wasn't sharp either. Lately he looks indecisive and has made some poor decisions - locking onto receivers too early and missing wide open receivers, slow to scramble out of the pocket, forcing balls downfield when he has an open field to run, etc.
It's not a good sign when your veteran QB is getting ouplayed by rookie QBs. Maybe it's time to give Willy a game. If Durant gets injured again, Willy will need to be sharp anyway.

I don't think Durant needs to be benched, however I have ALWAYS been a fan of taking a struggling starter out for a series or 2 to give him a different perspective, get to see the defense in action without being chased around. It worked really well for DeMarco today. It used to work awesome for Damon Allen as much as Damon hated coming out. Why not try it with Durant?

This time I think it's time to sit DD at least a game, unless Willy fails miserable! He is not sharp, I think still sack shocked from Bombers game. He needs to sit and re-group!! He is not coming out strong! And yes, time for Cortez to make some big changes in his play book, it's starting to look like Dyce's did last year.... Terrible!!