Free Willy Sellout?

With all the Durant haters out there I think that the final game of the regular season should be a sellout given that Drew Willy will undoubtable get the nod as the starter.

Yes, Drew will play.

DD gets a week to rest up. He better get heatlhy so he can start running. Without his legs and 50-60 yards per game we are done. His run threat needs to be part of the game or we're cooked.

I hope Willy lights up the Esks because I want to see Tino play too.

Last time we played at home.......BC........they could have gased the Lions and lost the chance to get Willy in there. One point in 2nd half and what a lost opportunity.

Go Willy........light these bozos up and get Tino some snaps!

Doesn't matter who the starting QB is. I am still going. Still going to cheer my face off.

Still going to stay positive.

Now let's get ready for BC.

I am hoping that there is a really good loud crowd to give the guys a big push into the playoffs. They have had a very good season and it would be a shame if we didn't support them with a good turn out even though the game means nothing in terms of the standings.

Greeeeaaat. Now Willy goes out and lights it up in his audition for Ottawa and Riders are stuck with Durant for the next 6 -7 years.

I doubt Drew Willy is even on their radar.

I think Troy Smith may have just popped up on the radar

Troy Smith will be protected. I am sure if Ottawa would select AC, he would just 100% retire for sure. And I'm sure that Ottawa would know that.. IMO, AC will be unprotected and won't be selected by the Red Blacks

Drew getting 1st team reps at practise today.

Absolutely Drew Willy is on the Red Blacks radar. They will pick a couple QB’s.

Bo Levi
Kevin Glenn

The luxury the Riders have is Willy has only played 1 game. Not much surveillance on the guy.

I agree Al’s protect Smith and let the RedBlacks hurt badly if they pick AC (cause he would retire).

I still maintain Stamps protect Tate. They’ll lose one…don;t know if Redblacks go for a vet or go young gun?

The other lousy dynamic is if you don;t lose a QB you likely lose a kicker. If the Riders don’t lose Willy we likely lose Milo. Calgary will lose a QB but they will keep Parades/Maver. But with Rene get some NFL interest after such a stellar year…

As DD…after 4-5 years I think the my summary if DD needs all cylinders firing in order for him to be at his best. He can’t seem to elevate his play if an area of the offense is struggling. It seems he needs everything running well for himself to run well. First 4-5 games of the year he was lights out. But then some things start to go south and his play has been way to erratic. I hope he can prove me wrong with 2-4 games to be played? I hope he can inject something special into the offsense because we need that out the QB when some other areas are stretched out? But i questions his ability to make this happen…makes we wonder what type of future he has. He’s hit his upside, no doubt.

Wilt is too far down their list. I'd like to see all our receivers out there and see how Willy does. One game is tough to evaluate him on, 3-4 games in a row at least.

DD is our guy for the playoffs, but like cowtown has, it is nice to put in someone else when the starter struggles. Nice that cowtown will lose one of their QBs this winter.