Free tickets for Saturday's game vs Winnipeg

Hello Cats fans,

A Beautiful Night For (courtesy of a generous season ticket holder in section 23), has two free tickets (one pair), to give away for this Saturday nights game vs the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Game time is 6pm and it's retro night, so it proves to be a fun evening.

There are a couple of catches. There is always a catch isn't there? There isn't much of one in this case, but there are two. :slight_smile:

First, I am looking for a specific pair for these tickets. Father and son/daughter, Mother son/daughter, grandparent and grandchild, uncle/aunt and niece/nephew. Even a big brother/sister, and their little. Bottom line, and adult and a child.

The second catch, is that I need one or both of you, to write a story about the game. Minimum 150 words. I will be posting the story/stories on, so all that I ask is that I can at least post both your first names.

Also, I would like a picture of the two of you at the game, and if you would like to take more pictures to add to the A Beautiful Night for Football photo gallery, I would love those as well; but not required as part of this contest. The picture can be taken with your camera phone even. Just something to add to the story.

I unfortunately can not make this Saturday's game as I have a family event to attend, but I'll be watching what I can on television. I will make arrangements however, before noon Saturday to get these tickets to the winners.

So that's it. You don't have to be a writer. It's not about content, it's about what Canadian Football, community, or even the time spent with a loved one, means to you. Write whatever comes to mind. My only stipulation, is that the story has to be positive; "POSSITIVEly Canadian". Even if it rains the entire game, we lose by 50 points, and someone spills beer all over you, the object of this is to find creative ways to express the positives.

Send an email to, and tell me why ABNFF should send you to the game. I'll announce the winners noon Friday.

Good luck.

Kinda creepy? But free is free.

Super Creepy.

You said Section 23?...If they were box seats, maybe I would go through all your requests, but Sec.23? Even if it was for the Labour Day game, it might be worth it. You can get tickets off a scalper for that section for very little. ($10-15/each)

You are really asking a lot (and a lot of it creepy) for 2 cheap tickets.

Wow. I should have an ABNFF critic of the game contest for next home game. lol

Not sure what you guys find creepy about this. Have you been to the site?

Anyways, these posts make me realize why the contest is a good idea. To make sure people who would really appreciate two free tickets to see our beloved Cats get them, as opposed to two that are worried about what section they are in and if it's really worth putting together a few words to tell me why I should give them to you; if they could go and buy them themselves for $15 a pop.

So many times I am given free tickets. If I can't use them or if I get extras, I try my best to find two people around the stadium before game time, that I think would really appreciate them. A father son kind of thing for instance. Especially if someone is giving me free tickets. It just doesn't feel right to turn around and sell them.

I have found the best place to give them away is around the ticket booth on Balsam. Watch for who is getting in line and then walk up and ask if they would like two free tickets. I used to just walk around asking if anyone wanted tickets to the game, but everyone assumed I was selling. The 'free' word works really well, but you have to make sure there are no scalpers around or they'll be on you like flies on ... well, you know.

People look at you like you have been smoking something when you offer free tickets. Especially with all the scalpers hanging around. For the pre-season game I had two extra tics, so I stumbled across a young couple and asked them if they could use them. "Really?", the guy asked. "We'd love them. Thank you."

It feels good. A much nicer feeling than selling them for the cost of a couple of beers or something. I don't know. That's just me. I know I would be really grateful if someone just walked up to me and said here, have fun.

I used to volunteer with Big Brothers and many people also donate their tics to them. I didn't have a lot of money when I volunteered and my little enjoyed football so we went to tons of games together. For free.

So, because I can't make it to the game; even down to the stadium just before to give them away, when I got a call asking if I could use the tickets, I came up with this idea.

By no means is this meant to be creepy. I appreciate and welcome all feedback.

So if you really want to go and you don't care whether you are sitting behind a pole, or front row centre, send me a quick email.


By the way. The word free doesn't just mean no cost. Its means you did NOTHING for it. Its not "free" if people are obligated to do something for it.

Also, why does it have to be a kid and an adult? What if some poor couple with no kids want to go?

Dictionary Terms: (from

  • not subject to special regulations, restrictions, duties, etc.: The ship was given free passage.
  • exempt from external authority, interference, restriction, etc., as a person or one’s will, thought, choice, action, etc.; independent; unrestricted
  • given without consideration of a return or reward: a free offer of legal advice.

Good point. I’ll change the wording.

And perhaps if this idea is received well, I will offer tickets next game for best friends? Maybe couples after that or two Cats fans who have been married for the longest? And as I hinted to earlier, perhaps even the biggest critic with intentions to get a little positive out of them. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess you can't edit a post after it's been commented on, so next time I'll say Ticket Giveaway. :slight_smile:

Well, interesting idea at any rate I will say.

Yeah...why is everyone ragging on this guy. Sounds to me like he's doing something pretty cool -- looking to promote that cool experience of taking a youngster out to a game. And if its for something self-serving (ie....generating content for a website), then so be it. He's stated that in the offer...its not like he's springing that on them at the stadium when he passes them the tickets.

It's not as if he's requesting to take a kid to the game on his's just 'bring your kid/ nephew/ grandkid to the game on my buck -- just gimme some web fodder in exchange'.

Sounds cheaper than the box office to me.

Thnaks Earl.

I'm with those who think this is a very generous and unique idea. Good luck with it. I've bookmarked your blog.... :slight_smile:

I think I missed the creepy part. I agree with slodrive. It's clear what he's trying to do here and there's nothing wrong with it, IMO. Good on him for trying to get younger fans interested and a lot of people would enjoy writing a piece about the game for a blog.

Thanks slodrive. I appreciate your support.

I don't mind too much. I deal with negativity every day at work. It either kills you are makes you stronger.

Yes, I am trying to promote my site too. I don't think my mission statement works for the site (writing about the positive), if it's just me doing all the writing. As a matter of fact, the best story on my site last year was from someone else who wrote a story about returning home to Hamilton after many years to see his Cats play again on Labor Day.

We are so lucky to have a professional team like the Tiger-Cats in our community. Basement dwellers or Cup Champions. I am just trying to do my part to showcase what is so beautiful about this game and what it means for it's underlying communities.

There will always be critics. Hopefully I can convert one or two. :slight_smile: Or better yet, hopefully the fans can with their stories.

Thanks again.

Thanks deerhunter. I appreciate the follow.

Very well said! Good call and good luck. Yup, gotta roll with the punches.
I'll bookmark your page and pass along as appropriate.

Thanks rookiecat. :slight_smile:

I see where your heart is and it's a good idea, however, it's almost not worth it. If they were really awesome seats I would totally think that it was a good idea. a Father brings his son to the game, they have a good time, bond, etc... Take some pics, write a story, let everyone know how great of a time they had...

But... that's quite a bit of work for $20 seats.

I see where your heart is... but you're asking a lot for something that's free.

8) You are totally unbelievable !!! What's that old saying, beggars can't be choosers !!
  I wouldn't give you free tickets even if they were on the 55 yd line box seats.  

  You don't deserve anything, free or otherwise  !!!