FREE SPOT on CFL playoff Bingo card?

The biggest beneficiary of Sask'n coming back to topple the Argos on enemy turf are none other than the Hamilton Ti-Cats.

Toronto winning would really have been Part 1 of eliminating the suddenly mighty Ticats from playoff contention. Part 2 is Ottawa winning and putting more separation between Redblacks and Ticats.

Based on what I'm seeing right now - Hamilton might present the most serious challenge to the #1 Stampeders. . . . . and then its the western Riders.

The free spot on the bingo card - Winnipeg Blue Bombers (especially if Matt Nichols & Flanders are gone for any period of time). Obviously Montreal isn't gonna be around post-season - the 3rd team than won't be around either Edmonton or BC.

Winnipeg is an automatic free spot if they somehow drift into 2nd spot - probably having to face a rabid bunch of green men with muscle, speed and power.

If the Bombers lose out and drift down to 3rd - I doubt they'd have much of a chance going into Sask'n for the western semi.

Bombers chances going in without Nichols = 3 to 6%
Bombers chances going in with Nichols = 12 to 16%

In any event Bombers are playoff toast.


  1. Worst defense in league
  2. Worst DC in league - Hall
  3. Injured man Nichols
  4. Injured man Flanders
  5. Injured man Westerman
  6. Injured man Dressler
  7. Injured man Wild
  8. Injured man Guido
  9. Worst middle linebacker in CFL history - Hurl
  10. Worst place-kicker in current CFL - Justin Madeoff, fraud.
  11. Arrogant head coach who thinks he can win with Dominique Davis, Hurl, Rich Hall, Ryan Lankford, Justin Medlock.