Free root beer

who got some from A&W this past Saturday?

I would have, but I already have a lot of it in my pop fridge. Got the mugs as well.

I like it. Imagine perhaps what Free Root Beer night would do for CFL attendance especially for the kids?

Count me in for the diet or non-sugar option please.

The mugs I already have, including a couple from the early 1960’s which my father obtained from the A&W Drive-In on Springbank Drive in London through illicit means. He bought them!

Would have been nice had I learned of this promotion before now though…

Great idea to bring out families and build a younger demographic over time! And the cost of a free pop promotion would be negligible since the stuff costs pennies to make.

I wonder though how many CFL execs read this forum? Be nice if one or two ever responded to our suggestions.

The real thing for me please! I just say no to chemical sweeteners.

Has anyone here ever drunk old-fashioned real root beer or sassafras soda? How long ago was that?

Also perhaps I should report that I took one for the team two years ago when I tried Big Brother Hard Root Beer.

“Awful swill” would be the best I can say. You all have been warned.

I try not stay from those risky sodas, and stick to the old classics like Coca-Cola with real cocaine in it.

so you like to spike your coke. hmmm

Me, I take my colas straight.

Wow what was that like? ;D

And were you a Coke dealer in those days too?

I don’t remember much from the experience. Coca-Cola was a helluva drink.

So this thread prompted me to put one of my A&W mugs in the freezer and chill a large bottle of A&W root beer in the fridge yesterday evening. Maybe I’ll get some Kawartha or Hewitt’s vanilla ice cream and make a float. Mmmmmm, mmmm!!!

Now I’m hankering for a Teen Burger as well:


So I strolled over to the downtown A&W on Yonge Street at lunch. I got the Mama Burger with Cheese Platter which was on special for $6.39.

And no, ordering the Mama Burger wasn’t at all threatening to my masculinity. I boldly step up for whatever’s offered at cut rate prices!

Wow Balticfox you scored and took one for the team. Of course, go for the special when it’s good!

They sure gave you a supersize onion rings for your money too.

I do that a lot in the summer.

C’mon CFL get with A&W for Free Root Beer Canada weekend!

This is still a great idea and I have not had drunk an ice cold frosty root beer in too long. I’m due.

July 14th was free root beer day at A&W while August 6th was free root beer float day. The CFL should partner up with A&W to extend this promotion to the stadiums hosting those weeks’ games.