Free Red Zone play for OC Mike Working

Thought you might like to try this play from the 10 yd line in because you seem to have no clue what to call. You can call this a "rub" or "pick" play. What you do is line two receivers about ten yds apart on the right side. Have the QB roll out that way after a play action fake. The inside receiver cuts out about 5 yds in the end zone while the outside receiver cuts in just under him. He "rubs" or "picks" the man covering the inside receiver. From what I have seen from other teams, this usually results in a touchdown, with the TSN or CBC colourman adding on the reply (with a chuckle), "Looks like the offense got away with one on that play!!!!!!!!!" Hey Mike, no charge for this one!!!!!!!!!!

I was screaming so loud at the tv how everytime they were either in the redzone or just on a 2nd and short and they just had Printers sit in the pocket...He is a mobile QB so he can either run those few yards or dump it off to a guy running a short 5 yard out! get your heads out of your arse's coaches and let the man run! twice he just sits in the pocket on short yardage and it got batted down! college coaches should watch the ticats and talk to eachother about how NOT to coach

You will have to break into Mike's headset frequency to give him that play next week. (Tell him you're up in the booth).

watchdog, you're hired!

Hate to be a party pooper but Taaffe has been sending in the plays for the last 6 or so games. I've got all the games on tape but don't like to watch "horror" shows :slight_smile:

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