Free Press starts fine fund

WINNIPEG - You asked, we answered: Free Press readers started offering to pony up from the moment the CFL announced they were fining members of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for speaking the truth about the refs in the Montreal game. Here’s your chance to help.

The total fines are estimated to be $2,500. That is our goal, and we hope to raise it quickly. Click here to donate!

These guys don’t get paid like NFL players… should they be out of pocket for something the league admits was brutal?

If you don’t have cash to spare, share this campaign with others. Spread the word!

I love it, a great opportunity to show the team that us fans have their backs. :thup:

Be careful you might give Asper some ideas :lol:

Ya Man :thup: :rockin:

They've collected over $1,300 in donations in 8 hours. Not bad.

Brings back memories of Mike Kelly walking around with his donation cup :wink:

So what happens if they collect more than the fines ? Mail a cheque to Milt ? :lol:

......shows a lot of support for our guys......and i think with every donation there goes a little ' one finger salute' for the officials and officiating in this league... :thup: :rockin:

The fund is over $2,000 now. I don't know if anyone saw Friesen's column about David Leitch ( but someone at EP contacted Wazny at the FP and suggested the money raised go to him. Wazny said he would talk to the bosses about it.

There are no words.

good take your own advice you seem obsessed with your little vendetta against the bbs and winnipeg in general your totally predicable and obvious in your posts go hang out at the alouettes board opps oh yea your not welcome there

the truth be known i think the money should go to charity you however might make me change my mind

Hey Killer ! What happened someone made you out LOL !

apologies for my previous post it was out of line

NP, I figured you missunderstood what I was saying and sometimes my dark sense of humor makes me look bad on here.

I had pretty strong views of Mike Kelly and I think the stadium project was not well planned but I am not anti-bomber or anti-winnipeg in any way. :thup: