Free Games on Epic

The Long Dark is a survival game made by Canadians, and takes place in Canada. If you grab it while free it will be yours to keep forever. After the giveaway is over it goes back to $33.99.

It's no longer available free.

Epic is doing one game free per day. Today's is defense grid: the least my son told me....

So we're building a cheap (free) library so will need to read up on this one

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Yep. I've been collecting free games on Epic since this whole quarantine started in March. I've also bought several. Right now they're also offering a $14 Canadian off coupon that you can claim in their app. It's $14 off any game that's $21.99 or more.

That's a pretty good deal. We're about to subscribe to EA play (Christmas Day) there's a lead in plan for 30.00/year and has many older titles that some are still pretty recent. Looking at Star Wars Fallen Order and Battlefront II (the newer one)

Was also looking at the old Ultima titles since I played them back in the day but they'll be taken off the store:(...will fine something new

Alien: Isolation is free for the next 24 hours:

...”Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger”....

...given that tag line you could replace ‘Alien’ with anything and it would ring true today....’Walmart’ for example works too...

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I don't get scared by video games or movies but holy hell Alien: Isolation gets close for me. Highly recommended..

The Long Dark can be quite scary, but in more of a getting killed by wolves, bears and bull moose sort of way.