Free Agents

Tracker is up

I see that Sewell is a FA. Think he will follow Jones over and replace Hall?
Can we afford him?

we can afford anybody, the big question then is were do we cheap out ?

I actually meant under the cap, but point taken. How much would we want to allocate to him is more my question. Same as Hall? More? Less? If more, where does it come from? Enquiring minds want to know! 8)

Perhaps there is a given chance QB Trevor Harris is a player of interest for the Riders.

We should bring in OchoCinco.

There is question if he is actually going to be ready by the start of next season...but 2 months from now there might be more known. Jones might have interest in moving DD if he is not happy with the salary and there is no give...who knows.

Not sure we would be looking at adding another QB but I guess that depends what they do with Price. With DD, Smith , and Price there really would be any need to go after Harris. As for moving DD it could happen sure but realistically do you want to start off the year without a vet?


I was kidding. I guess I should have used one of these :lol:

Lol...I originally put " this meant as a joke?" But then I thought...hey, maybe there is some legit reason I don't i deleted that part as i figured if there was reason it would offend... Lol


I know Foley had some level of interest in a return to Green...but he has re-signed with the Argos...figured any chance of a return was killed off with Jones coming on....obviously some negative history there

Well to be honest Foley is getting to his best before date expiring so sure while he was great when here and if he would have stayed (not his fault) then perhaps I would have been more disappointed with him resigning with the Argo's. With Seawell and a few others I think there is a possibility of landing bigger fish.

It'd be nice to see JC Sheritt follow Jones over this way.

I have this gut feeling that come June 1, or whenever they start camp, Trevor Harris will be a Rider and Darian Durant won't be. Ryan Smith will be a Rider and Weston Dressler won't be.

totally agree that they will be in a bidding war with BC anyways. Jones is going to show some interest. He was pretty straight up in his interview and said players need to be prepared to see some salary renegotiation if they intend to play here further. Dressler, Chick, DD and a few others will be on the list of "swing by my office when you have a sec" If DD doesn't play ball, he won't be here. I agree on the last part as well...Dressler is not going to take a 40% cut....Smith will gladly take 40k more though

Then again I said a long time ago I thought Dressler was a potential trade...the previous regime was stupid

Dressler would be really hard to trade with his contract. I actually could see them just straight out cutting him if he doesn't agree to less money.

Lol if they just out right cut Dressler and get nothing for him then Jones or whoever makes that decision should be sacked on the spot. You don't just give a guy like Dressler away. Fans would crucify you on the spot and I would be at the front of the line with the hammer and nails.

The fact is after all the hoopla to get him back here then to just discard him makes zero sense. I get the cap issue and I get the redundancy with having Smith, still to let some other team pick up one of the most popular franchise players for nothing is just begging for a revolt. Imagine how it would fly to have the Stamps pick him up for nothing, it would be bad enough even making a trade with the Stamps for him or to Edmonton for that matter. By cutting him though you have zero control over that. Far better if he has to be moved (which I'm still not in favor of ) would be to trade him to the East for either a starter or whatever is the most you could get for him. Letting him just walk though is insanity at it's finest.

Yes Darian probably needs to take a pay cut but I think he will do it as long as it's not an insane or unreasonable amount. Heck Dressler MAY also take a small cut but I wouldn't count on anything significant there. He was after all offered a pretty significant amount by Ottawa before he signed here so to realistically expect him to go to management hat in hand is unreasonable. Sure he is a high priced commodity but if Durant would not have been hurt the last two seasons I'm sure we would have seen more bang for the buck as Durant and him have very very good chemistry. Chick also may take a pay cut as last year was not one of his best, but again your not going to save super big bucks there either. I would say if with all three totaled you save 50-100 k then you keep them. I think Darian's and Chick's contracts should be more incentive heavy and less base. They preform they are rewarded, if not they don't kill us in cap space. Dressler's contract though is another story. He has performed very well when he is utilized and the last two season's he has not been. That is not on him but the OC. Pretty hard to blame a player that when his number is called and he steps up to the task to find fault with them.

I say you do the most you can to keep Dressler and see how the first half of the season pans out. If the Riders are doing good and look like a playoff team and Dressler is a key component for that, you keep him period. If not then you make a trade. What ever happens though YOU DON"T JUST LET HIM WALK.

I disagree. There were teams that offered him the same and more when he came back...he chose Riderland. It is not that he is too expensive, there is nothing wrong with having a high priced star import WR...the problem is that Smith is younger and cheaper and they can fill similar roles and are similar size